Strattera + Schizophrenia

I know that it’s hard to differentiate ADD symptoms from those of Schizophrenia (inability to focus, mainly). I have had problems focusing my whole life, however, and was even prescibed adderall at one point. When I started the adderall, I noticed it effected me in all areas of life. I felt…normal, for once. Whether it was interacting with others or studying for an exam, I felt like I could actually function correctly. However, adderall being a stimulant, it started to have a very negative effect on my psychological state. I developed sz, and haven’t been able to use the drug since. Now, however, as my other symptoms (like paranoia) improve, I have noticed that the inability to focus remains.

So, I was wondering if any of you guys have tried Strattera (or other non-stimulant ADD treatment) and, if so, how it has effected you.

Thanks :smile:

When I was a kid, I was ADHD and I was rocking the Adderall and Ritalin pretty hard. Then when my symptoms got worse and I really started to crumble, I just went for amphetamines. I’ve been off street drugs for almost 7 years now. I’ve been on so much Seroquel trying to get the SZ under control, I haven’t had to worry about my ADHD.

But now that I’m getting better, I have been getting a bit more energetic. I hope I’m not sliding into hyper.

I have heard good things about Strattera. I would like my son to try it for his ADHD symptoms as I don’t want him on a stimulant. Good luck if you do try it.

I was on Strattera for a while and it worked wonders. I highly recommend it. But after a while I started getting wicked anxiety from it which is one of its side effects and had to come off of it. I recommend giving it a try to see how it works on you.

both of cause of sz and medical drugs has effects on the attention level,
this means that,both of them has effects on the biochemistry of the brain
but the medical drugs do not effects on the cause of sz

the medical drugs has effect on the biochemistry directly
while the cause of sz has effect on the pathways of
the higher knowledge processes which in turn effects on
the biochemistry of the brain " increasing the level of attention "