ADHD and Schizophrenia

Adderal is generally not recommended for people with psychosis, because there is a very high risk of making your symptoms worse. That said, sometimes doctors think the risk is worth the benefit. If your doctor said they wouldn’t prescribe you adderal, they probably have a very good reason for that.

Back in my misspent youth, I took adderal recreationally once. It was a Bad Time.

And @Noise, drugs like adderal can’t be taken occasionally if you want them to work in any legitimate capacity. Either take it regularly (if it was prescribed to you), or stop taking it altogether. You’re doing more damage to your brain with occasional use.


I was always told to take it as needed. I never really noticed a difference when I was taking it regularly as opposed to when I needed it.

And yes it’s a prescription I used to take it for
School/ work… I just follow doctors orders.

Now I only take it if I absolutely need it

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Adderal is not prescribed PRN to treat ADHD. If your doctor did this, I find that very worrying.

Well my abuser started it for “adhd” and then later I got diagnosed with narcolepsy so now I’m supposed to take it for that. So eh.

I ain’t dead yet and I ain’t telling nobody to do what I do.

When you talk about the things you do, it encourages others to do it too. You really need to start realizing this.

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All I said was I’m addicted to it the stuff is horrible don’t do it???

I hope I don’t get addicted … I was actually more concerned with my body building up a tolerance and it no longer working for me overtime… I’m tryin really hard to function in society, working and finish my bachelors … I don’t need a BS a** drug :: and I have the worst time getting it filled …I have a great insurance also

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Don’t do adderall… you really need to check with a doctor before med changes occur.

You keep saying “don’t” and check with a doctor … I switched last month and I’m on my second round…I have a Psych and a Medical Management appt on the same day…i didn’t get the drugs off the street… I plan on discussing options at my next visit but I pay copays for meds and appts.
Thanks for your advice.

Why do you say it’s horrible ?

And I apprwaciat everyone’s advice and input

@mikey001 What ADHD symptoms are you having?

Some symptoms like restlessness, lack of concentration, emotional outbursts etc, can also be due to schizophrenia.

If your doctor won’t give you adderall, they have a good reason. Don’t try to trick them into giving you something that might do you more harm than good.


My former doctor THOUGHT about giving me adderall for midterms and finals but that never happened. My current doctor said no way. I might ask him for stratera though.

It depends on the doctor and you. Overall, I think adderal is bad for us. I still have cravings from past lives/parallel universes from it…

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I end up staring at a wall without energy drinks. I guess they thought I had Aspergers too.

I can focus/concentrate in a quiet room with no distractions but right now I have no motivation.

With Monsters, I could study non stop. It’s not healthy.

I’m not seeking adderall anymore. I felt like my life was so shitty, I could have used it to feel better and study math. But it’s the worst thing for us…

Vraylar stimulates me enough…i guess.

Strattera is like a kick in the butt, awesome for motivation. I think I lost some weight on it too.

What exactly are your symptoms of ADHD?

Never been diagnosed, but I lack motivation, can’t focus like I used too. I smoke and drink energy drinks, soda, and coffee to feel normal. I don’t even know or understand what ADHD is.

They thought I had it as a child, I was tested I guess…had behavioral problems as a kid.

@mikey001 Just as an alternative to strattera or a stimulant. I was going to suggest Propanolol. It may help anxiety, racing heart, sweating and just in general calm you down. But I’m not sure what sx you are experiencing.

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Does anybody get heart burn or indigestion from Adderall ? I feel I burp all more … especially if I wait between meals … Vyvanse did it also

I managed it. I said that I had a lot of symptoms and that I become depressed and tend to abuse alcohol. I asked if he wanted to give me some speed so that I had more meaning in life. He wants to try it with me and I have a conversation Monday about how it went.

I do not take much speed. 30 mg of ritalin