3 positives!๐ŸŒท

Got my nails and brows done.:pray:t4::two_hearts::cupid::slightly_smiling_face::love_you_gesture:t4::partying_face:

A police and other person said hello to me.:slightly_smiling_face::pray:t4::heart:
Majority of this neighbourhood should apologise to me for excluding me and bullying me with hostile vibes.
Thankfully some were always nice even though โ€œtheyโ€ were trying to turn everyone against me .

I have a place to live, food , water, etc :pray:t4::cupid:

Made lasagne for my boyfriend and managed to buy the ingredients at grocery shop.

Took my dog out.
Also tried to do an outing.
It did not go well.
Atleast I tried.
Unfortunately I get excluded and bullied with hostile vibes and have been a long time.
Yeah not ok to treat me that way.
Not ok.

My tracksuit still fits me.
Ok itโ€™s tight but I can still get it on despite my weight gain.

How much did that cost? I made it last week out of Italian sausage, ground beef, ricotta cheese, fennel seed, and an onion and the ingredients cost $20. Was yours expensive too?

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The ingredients was probably $50 or $40 .

Itโ€™s cheaper to buy a cheap microwave lasagne than homemade one.
A lot cheaper!

I donโ€™t make homemade often anymore.

Shocking how expensive it was considering when I lived in sa we spent $50 fortnight on groceries and now it cost that much just to make one lasagne.

  1. Sat out in the sun
  2. Clean clothes
  3. Had some tea

Excellent way of looking at it, it may never be perfect but it could always be so much worse.

  1. Moving soon and iโ€™ll be on my own.

  2. My physical health has been improving slowly but surely.

  3. I have a nice laptop that has touchscreen and it feels pretty boss to be able to navigate some things touching your laptop screen lol

  1. Survived a long shift with my sanity intact.
  2. Late in my shift I ordered a pizza from the pizza place next to my workplace, was good stuff, thin crust pepperoni and sausage :pizza:.
  3. Now jamming some music, currently โ€œThe Outsider,โ€ by A Perfect Circle. I love this song, and that band.

Got 50% in a assignment
Itโ€™s Eid, so plenty of munch
Zyban is working well - Iโ€™ll probably manage to quit easily


My dog is alive.:partying_face::pray:t4::two_hearts:all went well at vet and they were nice.

Watched some YouTube.

Had a bath.

  1. Time to myself
  2. Got some time to enjoy myself, away from looking for work.
  3. To be able to meet people with similar issues tackling life.
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My dog is alive.

My boyfriend is visiting.

I made lasagne and am giving to three people is plan.
My boyfriend is one of those people and his friend too and my other loved one.
:slightly_smiling_face:hope they will enjoy it.


My dog saw the vet .

I attended a salvos group for half a hour and the ladies were lovely and I appreciate my time there.

My boyfriend is visiting.


  1. I had the day off from work
  2. The electrical problems in my apartment seem to be fixed now. :crossed_fingers:
  3. I have good food on hand, so I will eat well tonight.

Day without mania or depression (balance)

Got to work on some music

Got to eat a piece of strawberry cake for dessert :yum:


Thatโ€™s awesome man!! I relapsed today

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Itโ€™s all good @AKendrick thereโ€™s always tomorrow ! :grin:

I came up with a plan: Iโ€™m gonna vape 2 hours later than the day before, every day.

So if I wake up at 7AM; 1st day Iโ€™m gonna start vaping at 9AM, 2nd day Iโ€™m gonna start at 11AM, 3rd day at 1AM, up until I go a full day without vaping.

Hopefully this plan works because I used a similar technique to quit THC carts.

You can do it man !

Baby steps, baby steps.



Man I might try this too lol sounds like a winner :trophy:


My boyfriend and dog are with me.

Had a bath.

The lasagne I made was enjoyed by those who ate it.


I vomited this morning (so I didnโ€™t have to go to work).

I made a great vegetable/pork egg scramble that lasted two meals.

I made two important phone calls and talked to my case worker for almost an hour on the phone.

  1. I had two great cups of coffee :coffee: :coffee:
  2. Studying virtually now,
  3. Got a mark from a last lesson which is 8/10 :))