Zyprexa weight gain

anyone gain weight on anti psychotics


I gained heaps on Risperdal but Zyprexa is notorious for weight gain!

At the moment I’m punching 30 kgs above my weight from pre diagnosis…there’s no easy ways out of that.

You need to exercise and do what you can…medications are necessary but with negatives and positives and such it’s anything but doable!

These days I’m jogging…like everything I don’t get far or too often but I’m trying!

Keep some aerobic exercise in and do the basics like 30 minutes exercise a day!!!

Zyprexa is great for me…but it’s at a cost!

A friend in the struggle,


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On clozapine gained lots weight always hungry
Doing well now
Lots fruit and veg, chicken, whole meal bread and lots of walking daily

When I was on Zyprexa I craved sugar. It can cause diabetes, so be careful. I’ve experienced weight gain on most of the anti-psych’s I’ve been on.

I am on geodon and I have picked up a lot of weight. I am also on requip which the doctor tells me it makes a person pick up weight as well. I need to start exercising get some of this weight off.

Olanzapine helped me too. Alright I feel himself indifferent, but I became such prior to diagnosis.

Zyprexa made me pick up weight when I was on it a number of years back. When I was on clozapine and Epilim after that, I picked up 10kgs altogether. I don’t remember if Risperdal made me pick up weight, but it must have, and amisulpride which I am on now also made me put on weight. I think its a common problem with antipsychotics, especially the new ones.