Your Thoughts? - Pilot at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess gives patients electronic access to therapists’ notes

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I guess this would have to be up to the individual…and the doctor keeps this is mind while writing his notes.

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yes, I have worked in hospital IT and have seen what real health records look like. I want to see the notes, definately.

I think yes…

No way. T shares what he feels necessary while we are in session and thats enough for me. I don’t feel its the need to know the rest.

I want to see the notes, as long as others can’t see them. I have found in the written notes quite a few discrepancies. Things that I didn’t even say on occasion. I have also noticed a difference in reports by 2 different counselors about the same thing…A counselor who was Christian and believed in the spiritual realm wouldn’t even put anything in her report about any specific visions I shared…whereas a secular counselor would write that I spoke of bizarre things and delusions.

no…i wouldn’t want to know…

I request my medical records at least once per year. That’s from my psychiatrist, therapist, and GP.

I do this for a few reasons. Number 1 is to see how accurate and complete my providers’ documentation is. If I see they’ve left out an important subject or problem, I bring it up to them so we can focus on it.

Secondly, I do this to gauge my own progress. Being able to see the increases or decreases in my GAF score, or see how long we’ve been focusing on an issue, helps me to see concretely how I’m functioning.

I once saw a therapist from a religious charity counseling service who wrote in his notes that he thought I was “spiritually afflicted.” No mention of schizophrenia whatsoever lol. Clearly, we were not on the same page. I promptly changed therapists.

If you DON’T want to see your own records, be sure that you have an adequately communicative relationship with your providers, regarding your diagnosis and treatment.