Your biggest complaint

… relative to sz. Mine’s pretty standard: losing more friends than gaining.


Avolition. It’s like swimming in honey :honey_pot: trying to get anything done.


Having many delusions that caused me fear, depression and anxiety.

What seems to be uncertainty of future relapses.

It interferes with things

@everhopeful: that’s a tough one and is case dependent. I like your poems, perhaps write more.

Don’t fear delusions. Unless you’re in imminent danger, they can’t hurt you. Exercise helps with depression. Even walking a few minutes a day can offset depression. I used to have anxiety with delusions. It’s difficult to cope with, I understand.

@anon66864989: sz is a schooling of hard knocks. I’ve had over 100 relapses. I experience psychosis every time I relapse on illicit drugs. I seemingly never learnt my lesson. Then I found an alternative that is saving my life. Not my physical life but the ability to participate in life.


I’m glad you found an alternative!


I don’t fear delusions anymore but before they seemed like they could be real so they were scary. I kept thinking some of my enemies were going to hunt me down and shoot me to death. Now I don’t believe that anymore because I know none of my enemies know where I live anymore.

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Mine is the med’s. I know the med’s are essential for me, but I still resent them because of the side effects. Geodon and Seroquel have controlled my symptoms with minimal side effects, but they take away a lot of physical strength from me.


My greatest complaint is my complete lack of motivation. I was a little lazy before the onset of schizophrenia, because I have been off work for a while. But I still went for long walks, and played a lot of guitar.

But now with schizophrenia, it’s difficult for me to get anything done. I am getting better, I exercise every day and go for a walk. I still play guitar every day, but not nearly enough

I guess it could be a lot worse, but it’s still a bummer

I tHink motivation begets motivation. When we aren’t rewarded for our work, it becomes tougher to stay locked in. And with sz often times our successes or diligence goes unnoticed. Have faith that God will provide.

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The getting upset and stewing and brewing over every thing all the time I didn’t use to do this before I got sick

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My creative mind. Lost social skills …

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Being forever scared that I will lose control over myself again. I ended up in the hospitals x-ray machine last time that happened.

Geodon helps me a lot. i didn’t do too well on seroquel

A lot of people swear by Geodon. I’m grateful I have it, though I view it as a mixed blessing.

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I am sooo tense.

Weight gain maybe?

my creativity… sometimes i go through moments where i’m very creative and then cause of the sz i can’t get anything done for a long time. It goes up and down like that.


Before Zyprexa, I would of said the voices, but they aren’t like they used to be, comparison considered it’s much better.

Now I’m not too sure, maybe the same old delusional thoughts. I still hold tight some old unhealthy beliefs, they can plague the mind when my insight slips.

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My biggest complaint related to sza is that I have to take Risperdal Consta shots every two weeks for the rest of my life probably. I hate Risperdal. It destroys my ability to play piano well.

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