Your biggest complaint

My biggest complaint is that my family take too much of the burden, and mental health services should be actively trying to promote people with mental illness to create things like peer to peer support

I have been on this site long enough to see the trends in what people are facing, yet in our own communities, many still seem to be stuck in isolation from each other.

It really doesn’t have to be this way

Stigma perhaps might be to blame

I know that both personally and professionally, I cannot disclose my mental health issues to anyone without fear of a negative reaction and long term consequence of disclosure - if you made an error, you could really suffer

There is no way I care about people treating me differently, but it does make things harder for us as a community to have to take that step back and be detached from each other through the fear of not knowing who is an ally or not.

I am thankful we have each other here, but it would be nice if a forum like this could be localised and in person for people suffering isolation and problems

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Pdocs that no call no show and leave me scrambling to find a new provider when my meds are out of refills.

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The price of meds - and the consultations to get them

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Love this thread.

We need to complain.

It’s good.

OK, I would have to say I am sick of the delusions.

What are you meant to do about debilitating delusions when they can’t be proven as false.

It’s a hard life.


I find when i’m manic I’m super creative and start a bunch of creative projects

I feel anxious constantly

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I would say my biggest complaint is the frequent bouts of depression I go through several times a month. But tbf I can survive them just as long as the suicidal thoughts stay away.

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I do not know it, right yet.

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