You will never be healthy again

Cool have a good workout. Thanks for the inspiration

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thanks to you! =^o^=

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When I get done fiddling around on this site, I am going to do my yoga sequence on my yoga app on my smartphone. I do it every single day. Would never miss it for the world. I couldn’t function without my yoga. Not with my arthritis.


I’ve always wanted do yoga. It’s hard to get motivated. I hope you have a super zen session

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Thank you! And, yes, I will.

we put a chip in the head of two employees in your store. someone is lying to you. good luck. well give you a hint, one of them is thirsty.

Forget cure there is no cure. Recovery is possible but it’s a ■■■■ load of work and not a straight line. There is a lot of going backward Forwards and around in circles.

There are MRI scans to show the brain repairs itself with meds and talking therapy it’s a long process.

The longest journey starts with a single step - Lao Tzu

Hang in there it does get better.

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It is possible to feel physically healthy again and get into an ok fitness level, but you have to supplement and potentially get clean of toxins like tobacco and alcohol, which I want to do but find hard to do.

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I walked/ran about 6 miles today and then lifted weights. I’m bloated from the creatine and magnesium but I feel strong physically again since I started taking mega-mag. You may not have the perfect form, but you can be fit and feel good physically I believe… if only I could quit the tobacco and alcohol.

One of the last times I quit smoking on the second week my libido completely returned and was ragging, my dick was even bigger and I felt like I was on PCP, extremely strong and confident, but unfortunately once I got behind my computer I would lose it and went back to it.

I would suggest screwing the gym. Walk outside and soak the sun and invest in some dumb bells and do sit ups and push ups and aerobic exercises like the burpee (if you’re a girl). A treadmill is no comparison to outdoor exercise. Trust me. But I’m in Cali so it’s warm here and I have nature spots to go to.

Hmmm. I got diagnosed when I was 19. When I was 29 I got as job recycling cardboard and trash and moving furniture at HP. I worked my ass off doing this for two days a week for three years while going to college and taking Physical Ed classes like tennis, volleyball and weightlifting I had no car so almost every day I walked 20 minutes to the bus stop.

I was in a board & care home at the time and I wasn’t part of the main clique but even the troublemakers begrudgingly commented on my good shape. After that job ended I got a job at Sears unloading trucks. It was the most grueling physical job I’ve ever had, but I thrived at it. I unloaded washing machines and dryers, tool chests, gas grills, lawnmowers, water heaters, TV’s, furniture etc. I was 34 and almost all my co-workers were teenagers or people in their twenties. I usually outworked all of them and I was getting compliments almost every week from other employees about how good a worker I was. I did that job for four years.


I know exactly what you guys are saying. Before I was diagnosed I used to do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope and run three miles every day. If it wasn’t for the med’s I still could do 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope and never miss. A couple of months ago I did 200 repetitions on the jump rope and my knee stiffened up so that I probably won’t be able to do any jump roping again. It sucks.


I no longer try to imagine what the drugs are really doing to me because it’s too horrible to contemplate. I just try to think about being able to sleep and think more clearly which is the reason to take the meds in the first place.

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Will never be healthy again, that is for sure now, will only get worse fast

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Yeah that was another issue I had with meds. My mental illness is episodic, so I know between episodes I am actually well and good. (Like now, I’ve been doing quite well lately!) But on meds, I never had those periods because the side effects were constant.


I don’t expect to ever be happy again; I feel like there are no good days ahead.

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Bingo. You just nailed it better than I have ever been able to put it. I have the same type of issue. I have recovered fully in between episodes and with the meds constantly Now I can’t get back to the place I was because of the side effects. I’m actually almost as bad as I was when I was sick. Can’t go out, no motivation, overweight etc.

We need better meds Jajingna… I’m putting my hopes on MIN-101, but I know it’s a risky bet.

At 40 I was in the best shape of my life. I exercised every other day religiously. (I didn’t do ever day because I hate showering) In the past three years I’ve stopped exercising and gained weight. I feel awful, no medication, I just got tripped up with a lot of life changes. But I will get back in shape. It has only to do with me pushing myself. It won’t be easy. Very few things are easy, but I’ll do it. I’ll make myself do it just like I make myself get up everyday.