I want to be fit again

I think being fit could really help with recovery for me, it’s just so damn hard. Anyone work out?


Way too lazy. I can’t. Even clean my apartment.

Let alone work out?

Idk I think the meds make me too lethargic cuz I always worked out until I took meds

used to all the time, set backs, triggers, burnt out.

My body is really fit though, don’t know why.

think you should give it a shot, but not all at once.

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I workout but I’m an amateur and keep finding things I’ve been doing wrong… My diet was good for it but now that I’m working I haven’t been eating as well as I’m preoccupied and it takes a while to unwind…

I did just go through and do 5 of a few exercises… kind of woke me up as I took a zyprexa last night. .Wasn’t looking to break a sweat as I had already showered.

I walk over 6 miles per day. I go for lots of walks and pace a lot. It keeps me from getting fat. Doesn’t add much muscle or get my heart rate up though.


I used to powerlifting and Bodybuilding but this condition along with the medication make its impossible and I suffer just thinking about lifting let alone lift.

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Had a five month workout spree like two years ago, gave up gained 60 pounds lost 56 pounds, I retained some of my muscle from the five months, just need to have a motive for doing it again.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been going to the gym 5x pw.

I find it’s a easy routine to fall back into, it’s just maintaining it. I usually stop if I become physically I’ll and lack the strength of character to start again.

But I some times I do extra stuff like squats or lunges and press up progressions whilst waiting for my food to cook.

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I worked out before I was put on AP’s, but I haven’t done that in ages, at least not in any significant sense.

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yes i run a mile 5 days a week and push ups and pullups. i have to workout or the meds will get me fat. been going for 3 months now

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@azley i have to recommend this book… just because i like helping a brotha out…



Get something like the myfitnesspal app for your phone and start with something simple like that.

Calisthenics i.e. Body weight exercises are ideal. I do five workouts a week and half of one of them is weights.

I find that it’s good for my mental health as well as fighting off the hypertension and arrhythmia from Geodon. I like routine, and workouts make dieting easier because you will feel sick if you workout on crappy food.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are for people who don’t have hypertension. I did them anyways for the experience and well it also got me laid pretty easily in college.

I am a retired lightweight and I still train and diet. Today is my rest day, I just don’t study or workout at all one day a week. I watched a movie and shopped for living basics at target for the apartment I will be living in in a neighboring state for my Psy D soon. It’s good to be active, it creates structure and discipline as well as promotes health by all means. Makes drinking a soda or caloric coffee a treat and makes couch potato time a luxury.

Like seriously it makes a decent meal feel twice as good when you diet very hard. Makes laying on the couch watching a movie way better because your soreness makes you feel like it’s appropriate to rest.

There is no “will get” with me. I’m already fat. Maybe I should do a few push ups.

I just re-joined the YMCA. I went to an 15 minute group ab workout yesterday and then jog/walked for 35minutes. I’m so sore today. I think today I’ll go for an hour walk outside between raindrops. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the Y for another group class in the morning.

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I did it! 1hour 5min walk done. 3.2miles with my mom.

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I’ve modified my diet quite a bit but still don’t eat bread and limit the sugar and I am down another pants size.

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I walk everyday and try to watch my calories.

I avoid soda and sweets - this helps too.


So far this week, on sunday I walked 3.2 miles. Monday jog/walked 3 then cooled down with a .4 walk. Tues I did 55min of yoga at the y plus a 3 mile walk outside later that day. Yesterday I did the same 3mile jog/walk and .4 cooldown. Thats 10 miles so far this week, I’ve actually hit the 10,000 step mark everyday! Today I plan on walking a different route thats 3.1miles for a scenery change. I meant to get up and go to the y this morning for a beginners cycling class but was too tired. I’ve been sleeping really well with all this exercise, previously I was up half the night tossing and turning. I thought about a bike ride outside today but I talked myself out of it because its way too windy, I’m not strong enough to battle the wind yet.

With my jog/walk, I’m jogging 1minute/walking 1minute. Next week I plan on increasing to jog 2 min/walk1, then week 3 jog 3/walk1, etc… I have done the c25k program in the past and found it to complicated.