I feel great

Man, I’ve had so many experiences - lots of them bad experiences but also good things happening lately

I was a total wreck when I was psychotic - I was roaming the streets not eating or drinking anything - feeling unable to get back to my apartment - I spent a good week just rolling the streets all night long

I got treated with various APs, until I finally had good results with Olanzapine 20mg - managed to stop all the positive symptoms

Since then I was struggling a lot with negative symptoms

But here is the good part - recently like in the last few days I noticed my negatives subsided for a short while - it’s only a short while but I felt great

I felt a rush of energy and positivity and back to my pre-psychotic self for a few moments

I just hope this trend continues, because if it does, it will go a long way to getting my life back on track


Sounds like you’re at an important stage in the illness.

I hate the recovery model, but that’s not to say you can’t make progress. Everyones idea of what progress is for them differs.

If you wanted to kick the ass of the negatives, I found forcing myself into eating three meals a day and exercising 4 days a week has made me feel so much better

I take vitamins as well now. With these things I think it helps lift mood and you have gotta eat right and keep active if you can

All these things help massively. Not just the meds, but lifestyle needs adjusting when able.

Hope the feeling continues for you


Absolutely agree with you

Today I started exercising - I did 20 mins of skipping with a skipping rope - it certainly felt good getting the heart beating and cardio work

Going to continue and try and increase how much I exercise each day

Only down side of meds is they made me gain a lot of weight, but I’m motivated and determined to get my slim frame back just how I used to be


That’s good!

With exercising I know a lot of people struggle to be motivated to do it, but in reality there are countless ways to do it.

I do swimming, as it’s a good exercise and I enjoy it which is a bonus!


I don’t swim because I can’t but I’m into lifting weights - going to try and do some reps tomorrow with my dumbbells

Need to sort out a diet as well

Really want to get my shape back

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I feel really good too. I’ve been getting really good sleep since I’ve been living in my new apartment. I’m back to doing my yoga and eating nutritiously again. It’s all good :+1:.


I’m pleased to hear that

I also hope my story gives hope to people who are suffering with negatives - it does get better it just takes time

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I’m also losing a bit of weight. I recently went from 164.2 lbs. when I was living with my former partner, down to 161.0 lbs. now. My goal is 158.0.

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Sounds good, hope it gets better and better for you!


My negative symptoms improved too on their own. I used to stay in bed 24/7. Now I play lots of video games on my pc with and without friends. I feel better.


I still feel down sometimes but its much more rare now.


I think eating enough is important - just needs to be the right things.

If you’re exercising a sufficient amount, it should balance out and you could tip the scale into losing weight territory if you have the patience for slow weight loss.

Since January 2020 I have gone from 96 kilos to 68 kilos. It has been lost gradually due to my exercise and what I eat.

Before I tried dieting, but I always put the weight back on again. Needs to be sustainable.

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That’s just wonderful @Aziz ! I’m so happy for you! I’ll pray for you that this continues and even gets better.


Thanks @SkinnyMe

I’m so happy for you Aziz - it seems all the people who were struggling with negative symptoms are seeing some improvements

I pray that this will continue for all of us - we can beat this terrible illness and really make something of our lives

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That is great news! In my experience it does get better. Take care of your whole being holistically. Exercise, healthy eating and taking care of your spiritual needs!

oh are your negatives better now lately? That is good to hear! Did you do anything for it or did it just occurred by itself?

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By itself. Its a small improvement. I am able to game on my pc alone now, not just with friends. But its like 1h/day alone and another 1h/day with friends.

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ah yea that is a nice improvement… i hope it keeps getting better!

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I play video games daily on my pc for about 2-3hrs. Better than staying in bed.

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