You should exercise

If you don’t, you should because the results I am seeing is incredible.

I am doing hot yoga twice a week and Zumba once a week. In January I will add one day of swimming.

After I exercise, I feel like a million bucks! the next day I do not have anxiety.

Today after 1-2 months of exercise and no dieting, I fit in my small size pencil skirt and when I looked in the mirror, my belly was almost flat! Fitting in my small clothes is so rewarding, I am so relieved about this. :pray:

If you don’t exercise, please try it. Make sure you know how to, your heart rate should be a specific speed to sweat for a specific amount of time, make sure you research and make a new goal for yourself, to dedicate your free time to exercise!


In my experience, my situation was poor even when my exercise capacity was excellent.
However, I still favor exercise, it is important for our health and in any case is a positive thing.


There was a period when I was a teenager, when I would run every freaking day. It was very rewarding, but boring as heck. I wouldn’t do it now though… When I allow myself days without exercise, I tend to have trouble on days when I’m supposed to, making excuses and all: “Why can’t this be a day without exercise instead of the next day.” and so on.

Motivation is tough, but glad you’re able to keep up a routine!


I lost 20 pounds through exercise, doing mostly cardio at the gym, without really dieting. I’ve kept the weight off, too. I always walked out of the gym feeling great.

My problem now is that I am so tired and sore from doing a physical job all day that I cannot even think of going to the gym after work. I suppose my job counts as exercise, though … I bust ass for nine hours a day. :slight_smile:


I am very big from lifting weights… I tell everyone the bigger your demons the bigger you are

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Lol :rofl: That is funny! Good to know :slight_smile: