Get fit, thats the only thing that I feel can help me

I lost weight once and got fit, it made a massive difference in me.


The fact that you think it will help will make it help. Good luck

I am currently dieting and will exercise when it gets warmer (home gym is in garage).

Exercise definitely made me feel better and I could definitely use it :wink:

I just don’t want to get anymore superficial than I already am (working on it). If I manage to look good hopefully it doesn’t go to my head.

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I’m on a diet and it’s going well. I’m restless on abilify , so I’m convinced that I’m actually getting exercise without realising it, as I’m not able to sit down for more than 20 minutes.

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I keep a food diary to keep track of what I eat. I exercise daily with dvd by beachbody slim in 6 which i got on ebay and i use total gym xls fitness equipment to exercise the muscles more upper body than lower body. I got to mix it up though otherwise I get bored and stop.

The only exercise type I could ever stick with for any period of time was high intensity interval training, because I only had to give a ■■■■ for like 30 minutes a day at most.