I haven't exercised in a long time

I haven’t exercised for 7 and a half months. I only exercised for 2 months the last time I exercised. I couldn’t handle exercising, because I was super stressed and depressed.


I’ve been missing lunch breaks this week, it was just toooo busy at work.


My negatives and depression make exercise nearly impossible.
I just track my steps.

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I have not exercised for a long time too. I was thinking of doing some plyometrics this afternoon, but then I remembered that that kind of exercise makes my hips hurt. It’s nothing terrible, but it is bad enough to make me not able to walk long distances. If I was ever back out on the street I would need to be able to walk long distances. That’s how I cope.

I’ve been pretty good about doing my yoga about 4 to 5 times a week.

In my life, yoga is like having a gun to my head. If I’m consistent about doing it, I feel great. If I don’t do it and slack off, I eventually become bedridden and overcome with so much pain that I can’t even move.


Getting to the point of peak exercise performance takes time, commitment and motivation. Exercising daily doesn’t happen overnight. The rewards of exercising daily compared to no exercise at all is apparent. These rewards are weight loss, increased lung capacity, clothes fitting more loosely etc… If one looks at my Microsoft Excel sheet below, you can really tell how much I’ve improved and the weight I’ve lost.

exercise make you stronk


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