You know Hitler was mad

Hitler had a psychologist and according to this person Hitler was mad with extreme paranoia which eventually went so far that he destroyed the whole Germany in his selfishness which is the evolution I see happening currently in Russia when Putin wants to win at any cost by punishing ordinary Russians at the same time in the exact way Hitler did to Germans. In my childhood I read many books about Adolf Hitler, even his book Mein Kampf.

My old friend and first roommate had a crush on Adolf Hitler. She wasn’t prejudiced or anything she just found the furur mighty handsome.

I have heard he was hopped up on meth half the time which could explain some of it, especially those darn speeches…

Hitler also used cocaine eye drops, he hated tobacco and so on …

Yeah we all know Hitler was as mad as a hatter - but did you know that a lot of CEO’s and business executives have some from of sociopathy/psychopathy

Mentally ill people were among the victims of Hitler’s NAZI Germany, basically Hitler who was himself mad killed all mentally people in his efforts to develop a pure Aryan race, basically Hitler would have killed me.

Nazi Euthanasia Program:
Persecution of the Mentally & Physically Disabled

I don’t think Putin is on the same level as a Hitler or Stalin. He hasn’t systematically killed millions of people. Putin isn’t good, and I think the Russian people could do better, but he isn’t a megalomaniac.

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Hitler made one catastrophically bad, war losing decision after another, and each terrible decision inflicted enormous suffering on his own people.

By labelling him ‘mad’, we’re sort of absolving him. Society tends to do that when people do atrocious things - we seek to explain it, to find a reason. It also gives us the impression that something like that couldn’t happen again - we’re too smart to let a ‘crazy’ person in power these days.

Which isn’t true - we’ve seen the same system applied in more recent times - give people experiencing hardship a scapegoat, and they will lap it up and the hate will spread like a virus. Give one person absolute power, and watch the blood spill. None of this is limited to Hitler - he’s become a bit of a pin-up boy but many have followed suit.

I don’t even think he himself believed in the whole Aryan race bull - he used it as a way of making the German’s feel ‘special’ in a time when they were facing a crisis - as a way of creating division and a superiority complex so that no one felt too bad about killing sub-human non-Aryans.

There’s a system to it all and none of it is ‘crazy’ - it’s smart and diabolical.


Well written Louisa84, there have been, there are and there will be terrible men who gain, use and mantain their power by killing people.

Luckily the guy was a quack job. That war never should’ve happened anything that helped the allies win was a blessing.

He was insane - no doubt. But he was the embodiment of pure evil first and foremost

Hitler was mad, okay.

But what of those who followed him? Believed in him? Did all the dirty work?

I think perhaps they were all caught up in a sort of madness.

Did you know that the very eugenics movement that swept Germany during this time got it’s start in the United States? And that eugenicists in America had considered gas chambers but thought the public would never go for it?

First, let me say that I believe Hitler was a monster. I am not a fan.

I watched clips of some of his speeches, in documentaries and in school. One thing I will say is that the man knew how to give an impassioned speech. He was almost like a force of nature on the stage. I don’t understand German, he could have been talking about the weather for all I know, but it is easy to see why people followed him.

Some people say Hitler was the antichrists spirits trial run, and that it possessed him…not hard to believe…
so when there is a full fledged antichrist he will be worse than Hitler? Eeek!

Yes, I’ve heard that Wave. They are also often anti-social too. But yeah, they wreck other peoples lives, they stab each other in the back, they use people, treat people badly. They barely have a conscience. See other people as objects to be manipulated. No remorse. My neighbors are like that. They’re in the majority so they try to control everybody else purely and deliberately. In reality. They think they’re better than everybody else. After 5 years of living with them I am not impressed with them as people. They don’t earn the honor of being called people.