Have you ever thought "Kill the insane."?

Because I had, and now I am one. Is this the basis of our suicidal thoughts?

I think mentally callenged people are the people who are going along the borders.
That can be very interesting people.

My thoughts on human euthanasia do not lean toward mentally ill people. I can’t talk about what my personal feelings are on this matter further.

I have never thought that. But the Holocaust did start with killing mentally ill people. Psychiatrists wanted to take it even further and kill the relatives of the mentally ill, but the third reich thought that was too severe. So who were the really crazy people–the mentally ill or those who would kill them?

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to beautiful chordy,
this forum would be very empty if that was the case.
i think i can hear an echo " helloooo anyoneeee thereeeee …!
take care

There’s a really good old movie called “The Nuremburg Trials”, about that very subject.

In their own odd way, my family is a bit accidentally Buddhist and Pacifist. Because of how we were raised, I never thought about killing anyone. (except myself… )

I never think about hurting people with mental illness. I spend many years learning about different kinds of disability and try to offer my help.

I studied psychology and worked for people with disability. I wrote a research paper on people with sz and meet many of them on my first job. It really makes me think a lot…

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No. I’m also a pacifist and lean towards Buddhism like SurprisedJ. I think the idea is pretty messed up. Plus creativity and brilliance is linked with mental illness, ironically.

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