I'm not at all impressed or surprized by people

had my sample of the general population, I think I’m content with having experienced that sample

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It’s a glass half full/half empty thing.

hahah you said it
i dont expect anything anymore from them really
close ones could love me i guess but meh

I’m constantly surprised at how nice and forgiving people can be but I’m also surprised at the opposite.


I can be amazed at the stupidity of people - like the Germans in World War II. Adolph Hitler never showed the slightest concern for the enormous suffering his actions inflicted on his own people. At the battle of D-day he wouldn’t get out of bed to give the order which would have released the panzer divisions that could have effectively repelled our invasion. If he had gone into full production of the Messerschmidt 262 jet plane as a fighter he could have immediately halted the gargantuan bombing raids of the allies on Germany, which inflicted incredible suffering on the Germans. He made one catastrophically bad, war losing decision after another, and each of those decisions inflicted enormous suffering on his own people. One time Hitler was quoted as saying, “What luck for rulers that people do not think.” We can see what the price of not thinking is.

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If you read any history at all you can be astonished at the stupidity of which people are capable.

I’ve also read that Hitler could have won the war had he not diverted so many resources to rounding up people and shipping them to the death camps. Perhaps in the end it was his hatred which killed him and lost the war.

That hatred is what got him to be prime minister. He hated jews and that got a lot of people on his side.

His biggest mistake was attacking Russia. The Russians killed eighty per cent of the Germans. Of course, the Germans killed one heck of a lot of Russians.

That was Napoleon’s mistake too.


I don’t disagree, but I read about how at the end of the war, his generals were wanting to use their resources, people, trains, etc to supply the troops and he was more concerned about implementing his final solution. At times, the difference between loss and victory in a given battle was a close enough thing, it’s possible that if he’d used those resources to resupply troops they might have repelled the allies. (Whatwver the reason, of course, it’s fortunate they did not).

I can probably find the paper if you’re interested, but I don’t want to get into a hitler argument online (or anywhere, lol)

His biggest mistake was being Hitler

What a maniac. What an aberration. Humanity is way too trusting of its leaders. Having a healthy skepticism about people in power is the only way.

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Yep, a huge blunder. Hitler miscalculated on that one. Fighting Russians on their own iced turf contributed greatly to Germany’s downfall.

I bet the Russians have a very different perspective on that war than we do.

Yeah, the allies knew the psychological effects of bombing Germany were devastating to the Germans… The German’s never imagined in a million years that we would bomb them on their home turf.

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We knew Hitler was an evil foe almost right from the start of the war. But Russia had to face the extra sting of being betrayed and double crossed, right?

If you get a picture of what the people were going through on the ground - if you put a human face on the suffering - you get a different kind of picture. Still, the Nazis were shoving people into ovens by the millions, and they killed twenty-five million Russians, they kind of brought it on themselves.

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