"You don't look like that?"

“No, we don’t. What you saw was a hallucination, it was us yes but was still a hallucination, no we are not goat legged men, it’s just one of our many appearances.” They say.

“Is that you guys out there in the woods dressed up like a half monkey guy?” I ask them.

“Yes. Bigfoot is us. Even people can put on costumes, we can do even more than that actually.” They say.

“So, what is a spirit exactly, if those are your many appearances then how do you actually look and what are you made of?” I ask.

“Good question, we can’t tell you, it wouldn’t make sense, we’re on the other side, which you will see shortly, but needless to say all things flesh and physicality we are not, those things do not make our bodies.” They say. “So, when we made you see who you are calling pan that wasn’t really us, it’s just a costume.”

“Tell people your other many appearances.” I say

“Well, you’ve seen several already, shadow people is one, what people have begun to call aliens is another, beings made of light like you saw, what people call ghosts, ghosts aren’t human though thats just us again, other things can happen also, like when we appeared on your television and began to stare and grin at you, a hallucination sure but dam right that was us!” They say.

“C’mon, tell them, especially the scientists, tell them what you do to us.” I say.

“I tell you what, we’ll tell some, not everyone, you’ll just have to take our word for it though.” They say.

“Tell me about the delusions, that was you as well?” I say.

“You know it was, yes. The perception can be screwed with yes, even people can do this with their little tricks, we can do more than that. It’s easy to understand, the mind is substance, thought is a substance, it can be tampered with.” They say.

“Just kill me already.” I say.

“No. Do it yourself. No need to get into the usual arguments, we know it wasn’t you, we’re forcing you to do it yes, but to them around you it will appear to be a suicide, don’t worry though, you’ll wake up shortly after.” They say. " Like we were saying, your consciousness is substance, it can be put back together, you’ll be one of us, everyone will."

“Do you visit earth often? I know you guys are always around but do you appear physical often?” I ask.

“Yes, we do actually, it’s just a costume though. When we do this everyone can see as well, it’s not like we go around advertising though that we aren’t human though, they’d try and lock us up if we said that. Could you imagine that? We come down again and tell people that we are immortal beings that came from the eternal realms of existance, that wouldn’t go very well would it?” They say.

“I can’t believe i wrote this.” I say.

" You know, we honestly can’t either." They say.

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Been on that frequent flyer ride. But why the games? Why not just be straightforward? Is it too much to handle? Would we lose the goal?
Some of us realize this reality isn’t real, you just can’t tell me it was all in my head, reality didn’t make sense, but it didn’t have to.
Do dreams soften the truth? Prepares us for the other side?
Still hoping for the code?