When you hallucinate

do you hallucinate people as like shadowy images, but like you can make out who they are and stuff? like what are your hallucinations like?

i hallucinate people are always watching what i do, but sometimes i don’t believe they’re hallucinations. like sometimes i’m led to believe that my ex is watching me all the time. like 24/7, even when i wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. logic tells me that no one can be devoted to watching someone all hours of the day, but still… it’s creepy.

i’d really like some feedback of like why it’s not possible and stuff. it would really help me out.

or is it possible… and why? (i know, i sound pretty bad right now, but after months it’s believable)

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Well, I can’t say I’ve seen the shadow people a whole lot. 3 full manifestations, one in 1985 and the others in 2007. I know one was an astral image of the guy i knew practicing astral projection at the same time. The others were ghosts of a dude and a kid from a cemetery near here.
I saw a shadow tentacle being like an octopus in 1982 but i was sleep deprived and a girl was speaking to her dead father.
A few shadow flashes and a couple shadow animals that were also observed by other people.
One fully manifest dead person who appeared 3D as a regular person and not even transparent, observed by me and my friend…
Nothing regular at all but mostly explained by spiritual phenomenon.
I have heard it discussed on some alien groups that people can have a spirit 'attached" to them, so maybe that might be seen regularly.

My hallucinations are different. I see them in my head, but it’s so vivid it’s like they’re standing right next to me. When I was delusional I thought they were really there. It’s quite scary to have a demon screaming in your face. It’s so detailed I can see what they’re wearing and the color of their eyes. I also have visions which are like movies that play out. My eyes don’t have to be shut to see stuff. I see things in the 3D world too. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Word document on the ceiling with the cursor going crazy. Another time when I was working a man walked in the store and had a gun on his hip. When he left the store it wasn’t there. Another time I looked at my toes and they were all hairy like a man’s toes.

They’re just hallucinations, no one is watching you. The hallucinations and delusions work together to convince you it’s real. I have a ship tattooed on my arm that is sailing toward a water fall. It symbolizes a ship sailing over the edge of the world. The Earth looks flat, but we know from the facts it’s round. Delusions operate the same way, they seem real but when we reality test we see they are false.

Things will get better. Talk to your doctor and get your meds adjusted. :sunny:


I don’t hallucinate much. Only when the delusions are suppressed. Then walls start warping in and out, and I dream of deminsions stretching like rubber from a really psyched out cartoon and such.

It sounds you’re experiencing more delusions than hallucinations. They can, of course, go hand in hand. Being watched is a common one among sz. In different forms, but the same sort of gist. I feel a hyped up sense of being watched when I’m around people. Caffiene makes it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times worse, especially coffee. I drink the stuff only when I’m in my own space. Try to relax often.

Oh it’s faces in everything reflective and shiny! They come from the future to prevent us from harm, and they watch everything, and I do mean everything.
I have captured soooooo many faces on things around this house, and so far so good, no one’s ever been hurt yet.
Just like one big stinking happy family.

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One time, second psychosis, i saw what appeared to be a completely physical and 3-d guy, he looked like any of us would, except he was half goat.

And then once a bus driver had fae ears, those looked completely real at the time, i just looked down because i knew what was happening and was freaked out.

I can only imagine how hard it is to fight or disbelieve what your mind is telling you. You seem to have a good understanding of how unlikely it is that your ex is watching you 24/7. She would not be able to live her own life if she was spending all of her time watching you.


It depends on how I’m doing and what the situation is. If I’m really agitated, it can get pretty wild in the head circus. But most the time is wavy walls and floor, furniture growing and shrinking, a glimpse of faces in the windows and my ever present imaginary cat that I always see out of the corner of my eye.

I’ve also felt like I was under observation and I was being watched all the time through cameras and hidden microphones. Not a good time in my life. I really went off the rails with that one. My sis moved in with me shortly after that because it really did help to have someone around to just talk me down and go out side and check for foot prints… that were never there.

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i have only hallucinated once and that was a drug interaction in hospital. the walls were…the only way i can describe it…is it was like they were breathing in and out. and i saw invisible people…sort of like the predator movie where he goes invisible but it’s sort of reality bending around his shape…sort of pixels where the form should be. needless to say i haven’t taken that drug since. it was zopiclone which was supposed to help me sleep. it made for a weird couple of days, that’s for sure, so i can totally empathise with anyone that does hallucinate.

I’ve heard people talking about me in an eating place when I was the only person there. I sometimes hear people talking about me from a distance. One time I heard a “dead indian war cry”. It was very loud and very near. It changed in rhythm and inflection. It was nothing like a coyote’s howl. This is something really weird, and I don’t think it is delusional. People are intensely involved in my life from distances where it would seem impossible for them to know about me - people from two states away, people from towns many miles away. They’re trying to mentally coerce me into having sexual relationships I absolutely do not want. It is a heinous invasion of my privacy, as well as psychological battery. I’m mentally ill and I live in a group home. Why do they think they have the right to do this?

Well most of mine are auditory hallucinations. A lot of times my mind will show me a photograph of someone (not always recent one either) and I’ll hear a voice that is supposed to be that person. Sometimes they are sometimes they aren’t. Then I do have some visual most of the time their like things out of the corner of my eye, like last night I kept seeing the cat in the kitchen, even though it turned out to be a dishrag hanging on the fridge. Other times the vision is in my head, and I know it’s just in my head but I can’t turn it off…like right now I’m battling a vision of seeing dozens and dozens of fingers trying t grab at me. Not hands. Not people, just fingers. It’s creepy and my skin is crawling at just the thought of it. I’m trying to convince myself it’s all in my head but its increasing my anxiety levels and I’m beginning to panic

I hallucinate tactile stuff and it makes me feel dirty. I have to stop and think about how it’s literally impossible to be “real” etc.

it isn’t easy. I have no answers, sorry


Much of you stuff sounds like entities that have been around a long time and there is record of their appearing. The satyr and fae wouldnt have freaked me out.

Especially the Fae

Normal human female ear

Faerie female ear (Real, not prosthetic or shopped)

There are a huge variations in human ears - the existence of fairies would, by most people I think, be classified as a delusion or if you think you see fairies - a hallucination:

See Google Image search for “ear” at this link below:

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your ex watching you…no
aliens watching…yes…they hang around me most of the time, the small ones, the big eyed ones, the blue ones, the cloaked ones…
they have the tech…your ex does not.
take care

Except for the many who follow the Faerie faith of ancient Ireland and Scotland, or those who have taken the time to do the genealogy of the Faerie race (Tuatha D’Anu or Tuatha D Dannan).
This gets into the realm of religion and anthropology, genetics, DNA testing and all that (RH negative blood type). I studied this extensively in college.

This overview just gives some info

“For the Irish, especially those involved in the Celtic revival, belief in fairies was almost a political and cultural necessity.”

“Evidences of fairy existence were also to be found in such popular examples of fairy workmanship as the metal cauldron at Fresham, Surrey (a large vessel “borrowed” from the fairies and never returned), the famous “fairy flag” of the MacLeods of Skye, and the equally famous “fairy banner” of the Scottish MacDonalds–presented to the clans by various fairies.”

(MacDonalds is in my paternal family tree)

My wife also researched her ancestry, and is of the bloodline of the Faerie race…

(Note in the family tree there at the top is a man of Scythia (ancient name for parts of present day Russia) which i have mentioned here before…

While seeing a bus driver with Fae ears may or may not be a hallucination (I wasn’t there and only have what pansdisease posted to go by), it does not negate the historical documentation of the existence of the Faerie race.




‘So firm was the hold which the ethnic gods of Ireland had taken upon the imagination and spiritual sensibilities of our ancestors that even the monks and christianized bards never thought of denying them. They doubtless forbade the people to worship them, but to root out the belief in their existence was so impossible that they could not even dispossess their own minds of the conviction that the gods were real supernatural beings.’–STANDISH O’GRADY.

The problem we run into in modern society when we call belief in or experience with faeries on this level a delusion or hallucination is actually a denial and suppression of very ancient beliefs: Religious beliefs backed by history like any other religion that is defended and protected by western nations constitutions.
Nations who have historically suppressed and persecuted people for their religious beliefs have been known as totalitarian dictatorships and despotic.

I personally do not base things on something I might see or randomly believe. i will dig deep and do research…“is there truth to this or is it just a fantasy.” the things I have mentioned here are indeed backed by thousands of years of historical evidence

What Does the absence of Rhesus monkey factor mean? No solid scientific explanation exists as to how or why Rh- blood came about.
However, ancient texts about the “gods” (who some believe are aliens, and others believe are fallen angels/angels) do explain this and fit the historical timeline. Considering that religious texts are a record of historical events coupled with spiritual interpretations, we have a very old and solid foundation to stand upon…

I often have movie hallucinations! It’s so wonderful to hear of someone else having them. I cannot tell if my eyes are open or shut, After the movies are over can you describe them in detail? Do you know what really was going on or is it like a flash or a dream sequence that at the time is crystal clear, but fades from memory pretty quickly when it’s over? This happens to me. I know it happened. At the time it was clear but it is pretty much indescribable.

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For the past month, I would say, my case manager has been “concerned” about me. She calls me every day and has alerted the Crisis people about me and for awhile they were calling me everyday wanting to come to my house and assess me.

I know things have not been good…mostly in the confusion area…IN try ing to figure out my banking or my transportation appointments to my numerous MD appointments has left both me an my Father completely befuddled. I have often been writing emals and then forgetting that I sent them orwhat Isaid in them, leaving me in the hot water a lot of times.

My husband told me he will give me an extra Loxapine which is what they would do in the hospital for me as that is the only drug that has ever helped…But the Crisis monkeys threw a fit about that as did my case worker. I have been a little better since taking the extra Loxipine. I do not want to go into the hospital…I have enough trouble as it is.

i hear voices but they r quiet at the moment. a few spits and spurts today so far but not much else…apparently this is because they’ve managed to induce an natural looking death if i publish a book, time will tell.