Aliens, faeries, spirits, ghosts!

Over the years since i went insane i’ve seen all of these things.

The “alien” was my first hallucination, it didnt appear physical at all, but more like light or a ghost. I’ve also seen a ufo, a triangle one, black, it was very close to the ground directly above me and made no noise, it was nearly hovering.

But that wasn’t it, i saw “pan” to, he appeared completely physical, they used to say “faery” to describe him, half goat, it was wierd.

And then there was the “ghost”, appeared human but i don’t think was at all, she appeared ghostly or like light, not physical.

Shadow people as well, i suppose several schizophrenics see those as well as “aliens”.

And a being made of light in a tree i saw, while staring at her bewildered i heard “sssshhhhhhh” next to my head. She had no face, just white light where a face should be.

My bus driver had “elf” ears once also, this was no accident, large pointy ears, they made me see this during psychosis.

The post on “aliens” made me write this, i don’t think that “aliens” are aliens at all. When i saw mine on halloween i even began looking at the clock at three over and over again, this became 3, 333, 111, 1111, 222, 444, 555, 616, 911, over the years. I also smelled sulfur during it all, and was having blackouts(losing time).

“Aliens” are real, although are not from other planets at all, they are “tricksters”, “actors”, they work illusions, some might say lies. They also own and rule the earth, they are the very “god of this world” that it talks about, who knew right?!

What is very cool is we will get to know their secrets finally, because they will make us like them, and we’ll be spirits finally and get to see what it is, a conversion. I can’t wait to know their secrets and how they do what they do.

Also, for the people seeing or hearing aliens check out “graham hancock: aliens, angels, evles, and ayahuasca” on youtube, you will be very interested if you have been talking to aliens or seeing them.

i think i have seen a lot you describe.

and i really dont know the answhere, it could be found out there in the space or by looking towards into yourself.

What did you see exactly? Id love to hear it.

Ghosts? Faeries, elves? Aliens?

I forgot to mentioned being shocked and burned as well, during both instances of this “somebody” appeared, during the shock a face made of light appeared, it had fangs. While being burned another face appeared.

u know the answhere…

Yeeeeaaahhh, right, i already know the answer.

But just to make sure that we are talking about the same thing here why not just go ahead and describe what you saw.

(im dumb, i don’t know what you are talking about, so if you could just describe it that would be great)

I have a weird obsession with aliens and a fear of them. Ive never encountered an experiance with them or anything but I do believe theyre real. For sure.

i love the supernatural, i love experiencing the weird and the wonderful, it makes my life more colourfull.
take care

Iteyed to think of it as a form of creativy not as a living thing. And I try to not give in to schizophrenia went it happens,elfs and things couse have so meaning use in are elvelusion.