More conversation with voices. Fuq i need help

“Why do you pretend that you don’t know who we are? Haven’t we made it clear?” They say.

“Not clear enough for me anyway. Make it clearer and let me get it on camera, howzabout that? Does that sound doable?” I say.

“Nope. If there was widespread definitive proof it would ruin what we do sometimes, and no what you are writing right now doesn’t prove it to anyone, for all that they know you are a “troll” right. There are so many lies on this thing nothing is believeable, a lesson in crying wolf i suppose.” They say.

“Well, let’s go over it again, who are you?” I ask.

“Satan, devils, “aliens”, spirits, faeries, we’ve already told you that, and no we are not human beings doing this with technology. Like we said in your earlier posts like this that would have a different feel to it you know. You’ve seen shadow people, pan, an “alien”, a ufo, a light being, a ghost that you know wasn’t human. I mean old mr. tumnus appearing during your “psychosis” has got to be proof to you. But whats funny is this, you know it’s someone and you wonder who and how and why, but either way it’s just someone with technology, whether it be ours or theirs, so it’s kind of the same thing either way in principle.” They say.

“Okay, ill humor you. Let’s talk about what it is that you do here on earth, have any secrets you’d like to share? Anything, everything.” I say.

“Sometimes we start religions. In fact all of them belong to us, who else would they be worshipping exactly? And did you notice common themes within their belief structures? Virtually all of them speak of earth continuing, no change whatsoever, just the pain and hopelessness continuing, but never real change for the better, only revenge and despair. Needless to say we have written alot of books at this point.” They say.

“I want proof, and i want to be able to show people.” I say.

“No.” They say.

“C’mon, let me levitate at the store or something, c’mon, i desperately need them to know im not just crazy like they think, that there is much more involved.” I say.

“No. if they knew would that not defeat the purpose of the whole thing in the first place?” They say.

“But you are willing to have entire conversations with me online?” I say.

“It proves nothing, this is a very liar of a world dude, no one can believe anyone, the whole place does nothing but cry wolf over and over again, see, you guys leave yourselves open, but hey nessecary knowledge right.” They say.

“You know that you will be dead soon don’t you. You can feel it can’t you.” They say.

“Yes, i know, it does feel different.” I answer. “But you know it isn’t the end don’t you, if made once you can be made again, you know that right.?” They say. “No, i don’t really know that at all.” I say.

“Okay, do you at least know you were put here? You’ve even seen a “god” before, don’t bullshyte, you know we’re real don’t you.” They say.

“Nope. I don’t know nuttin.” I say.

“Little shyte, you little sarcastic shyte, this is serious, do you even know who you are talking to?” They say.

“Nope. I don’t know nuttin.” I say.

“Alrighty, so screw it then, whats the point of these conversations anyway.” They say.

“My point exactly, so why don’t you simply pack your stupid shyte up and leave me alone, and stay away a very long long time.” I say.

“Touche.” They say. " I will say one more thing though for your post, either that was dam pan that showed up during your “psychosis” or some one was following you around with some kind of technology, you will agree with this right?" They say.

“yes, i always knew it was someone, but from now on if you aren’t willing to show anyone else then just fuq off about it, because it changes nothing for me to know it is this or that but can’t even show anyone at all.” I say.

“Duelly noted.” They say.


I’ve been wondering where you were.

Oh im around somewhere.

Either dead or wandering the earth some more, only two options really.

Very interesting post.

Or in your head? Thats all…

copy-paste is how sweet this idea is!
how about DMV - I want to levitate at DMV

I’ve been where your at before. There just all delusions sounds like your believing them. Anybody in reality who read this would think your very ill. The sooner you stop believing the delusion (which is a hard thing to do) the sooner you can start picking up the pieces of your life. Just be real about your illness

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I have silent, obsessive thoughts and I noticed a lot of our dialoggue in the first post…
Seems like were dealing with the same thing.
Funny, you even responded the way I used to.

Not delusions, real conversation caused by real beings, either human or not.

They have also physically harmed me before, twice this happened, while they appeared to me.

When they showed up i even began looking at the clock at three over and over again, and also smelled the sulfur they talk about, this was just a few after seeing an “alien” the first few minutes of my psychosis.

Im not sick, im being tortured, murdered even.

The shaman have also seen what i’ve seen for centuries, everywhere throughout everytime people have seen the things that i have.

People are/have become/have always been who i was talking about in the “time machine”, we are kept docile and stupid and easily plyable, we are cattle. The morlocks rule this place.

Im not alone.

Its hard to realize they are delusions. What I have found out about schizophrenia it really is your brain playing tricks on you. So it’s like your ■■■■■■■ yourself over everyday.

Insight is hard to get. the first step with insight is to understand you don’t have insight. Listen to the people around you they might give you a reality check. It’s hard to determine what is real and fake with schizophrenia.

The sooner you come to terms with your illness the better things are going to get. What you believe to be true probably isn’t what most of the world believes to be true. Just think harder about things.