"It's not just you guys you now." More conversation


“You know it isn’t just you guys, sometimes we do it to other people also. Just like you we can make them see strange things, make them hear this or that, or simply whisper in their minds at different times.” They say.

“And they don’t know it?” I ask. “Nope. Not usually, they are just going through their everyday routines, busy busy busy, their minds elsewhere. We do it all the time really, the people will stop for a moment and do a double take but just keep going.” They answer.

“Much of the time we will whisper in the their minds and it will have nothing to do with who they are and they will get confused, it feels very foreign to them and they don’t know how to handle it, to them it’s very off the wall stuff, it’s like telling a guy to put on a dress and he goes “Huh?!”.” They say.

“The “ghost” sightings i hear of? Is that you?” I say. “Yeppers! We do that one alot, it messes things up, people actually begin to believe that they will just become a spirit when they die. It isn’t good or anything to know that you will die but it still messes things up, no matter what the situation if you don’t know whats real and begin acting as if other things were real then it screws it up.” They answer.

“So, you are just a bunch of basstards really? Maybe you could just change or kill yourselves or something, at the very least just leave people alone.” I say.

“No, you are the one that is going to kill yourself im afraid, and we aren’t just going to leave, it’s empty in the void, this place is like a theme park to us, and besides what are you gonna do about it exactly? Dam right we are basstards.” They answer.

“So, ask more questions! Might as well right?!” They continue.

“Oh, the animals right? Can they be “schizophrenic”?(they are responding to my thoughts now/didn’t have a chance to type it/frustrating) The answer is most certainly! In fact they see us all of the time, hell they probably could teach people a few things about us because people don’t know anymore, lies proof lies need proof and then more lies lies lies. Bu simply, yes, the animals have hallucinations much of the time and it’s just us doing it, we can also make them do things and communicate with them.” They say.

“Why have you been so honest with me about all of this, you seem to keep it from some of us, why not tell them as well, it seems you have made me understand some of what you can do but why?” I ask.

“We have our reasons. And you are right, we could do just about the same thing to someone and they would have no idea at all, let’s break it down and think about it, why would we do that? Why would we tell you? What would it accomplish to have some know and others not, you’d have some walking around saying one thing and others contradicting it, confusion! It creates certain illusions in people’s minds and creates confusions and divisions, it keeps people seperated, think about it, if all people were together and operated as one they would be stronger. There you go, you little truth seeker you.(sarcastically pinching my cheek and speaking to me like im a child).” They say.

“Oh, you want to go deeper then?(responding to my thought) Why create confusion? Thats easy, it’s just easier to rule and accomplish what we wish, durrrrrrrr! But for all that you know we are just making all of this up right now right?” They say.

“This is it i guess then, this is my life, forced to hang out with you, i would have preferred to just work and go out on the weekends. It would have been nice.” I say.

“Before we are done here though, let me levitate in the store, why not?” I ask.

“Ha! Tempting really, people would really lose their ■■■■ if that were to happen, very tempting, true it’s not like anything would come of it. But if a schizo were to do that people might catch wind of whats going on with them, it just doesn’t suit our interests, so no.” They answer.

“Ok, let’s talk about elyn saks then. She doesn’t know it’s us, thats a prime example, see if we don’t let on no one knows at all, there has to be a reason to think it’s someone and not a brain disease, which we have forced plenty of that on you haven’t we.? See, in some of these people it’s just business as usual, some hallucinations, odd thoughts, a voice hear or there, but none of those things need to point to it being anyone at all, and we are very good at hiding it actually.” They say.

“Dam! You guys really suck balls you know that!? Wtf?! I don’t even want to know this ■■■■!” I say.

“Exactly! Now you know a little more don’t you. You asked us why we would tell you, there is your answer, you don’t want to know at all, it hurts you, makes you sick really!” They say. “Some of these people want to know, you on the other hand were perfectly happy not knowing, we can’t have that at all now can we.”

“And i know this is real, you know this is real, the people on here, the people who read this, they have no idea, and how could they know?! Hell all that they do is work really! To them you are just another crazy ass, it’s just you and us for now, don’t worry though it won’t be long at all and you know that for sure. To you this is no different than speaking to someone on a telephone, yes we are an intelligent, more so than you even, voice speaking to you right now, they just can’t know it. Proof proof proof, they really really screwed themselves up with the whole lying thing wouldn’t you say at this point?” They say.

“Yes, i found myself actually worried today that i couldn’t even return a pack of smokes although i had just left seconds earlier, people do that alot.” I say.

“Now apply that to all of the world’s most important life saving/threatening affairs, it was a big deal the whole time, people try and laugh it off like it’s a joke or something to, really makes our heads spin sometimes. Yeah, even our heads can spin because of certain things!” They say.

“So, you want to know how we are talking to you right now?(I wondered in my mind about this) Well, people have cell phones right? People can travel great distances at high speeds as well. Look at all of the technologies people have, now think about how long we have been around and what we might be able to do, yeah get the idea? Even if we tried to explain it you wouldn’t get it to be honest, like trying to explain what something looks like to a blind person really.” They say.

“■■■■■■■■! You might just be people.” I say.

“We are telling you right now, and we are going to make it clear, we. are. not. human. You are not speaking to a human being right now. We’ve tried to tell you, and we get it, you don’t want to believe it, could cause trouble right. Well, don’t believe, we aren’t going to try and get you to or anything, but we are telling you that we are not human at all.” They say.

“Well! Im done here! What a life this is turning out to be!” I say.

“Hey, it was your idea to do this.” They say.

Yet another wonderful conversation between me and whomever, just happened right now, clear as a bell.

I knew the whole time it was someone, i don’t claim to know who why and how but yeah it’s someone.