Write a random childhood memory thread


Write any random childhood memory thread.

I’ll start.

When I was a child I used to look down when I walked around. The reason behind it was that there was often dog poop on the ground of my neighborhood. I figured that unless I looked, I would step onto those pitfalls. My mother however kept on telling me to look up when walking. I didn’t know what to do at first and certain didn’t want to step onto dog poop. It occurred to me one day that adults did long distance scanning of dog poop. They looked up and scanned the area for dog poop before the dog poop was at their feet. Very smart of them. I decided to learn from them and did long-distance scanning of dog poop from then on. Like the adults.



i was 10 ,and i told my mother ( the bitch from hell ) there was a car on top of the rhododendron hedge which lined the road side…she thought i was making it up…( she never believed my stories of being followed and ghost etc… )
this time i was right …a car had lost control and had somehow crashed and gone airbourne on to the top of the rhododendron hedge…!?!
little dark sith…1 :alien: bitch from hell… 0
take care :alien:


I remember one time sitting on the bus ride home from elementary school the kids were teasing me…they were "paring themselves with each other as boy-friend girlfriend whatever and someone said oh so and so is with me and that person suddenly got all defensive…I didn’t even like the guy but it hurt because they made pairs of other people on the bus and no one said anything until they got to me. So I began to ignore them and focus looking out the bus window trying not to cry, they tried to get my attention but I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction and tried ignoring them so they kept tugging at me, and pulling back pack…fortunately my stop was next and I got of the bus crying on the way home…my parents asked what was wrong but didn’t tell them because I didn’t think they could do anything about it…


at the age of probably 4 or so I remember walking down the hall and downstairs to the parking lot and a neighbor saw me out there and took me back to my mom. My mom told me the story.


My friend in fourth grade was the only person I’ve ever known who was REALLY accident prone. By the age of 9 or 10 he had broken both arms and a leg (not at the same time) and suffered other numerous injuries. When I was playing with him one time he was walking on our fence top separating us from our neighbors whom had a dog that would bite people. I warned him about the dog a couple times and sure enough he lost his balance fell into my neighbors back yard and the dog ran up and bit him. Another time we were climbing on our roof (it was really easy to get up there) and he slipped and he crashed to the ground, hurting his arm. But the worst is when he was riding his bike in the street in front of my house and he got hit by a car. He layed motionless on the ground where a large pool of blood collected around him. A crowd gathered and we got a blanket and threw it over him.The police came and were interviewing the man who hit him. I was standing about ten feet away when it became too traumatic for the man and he fainted dead away on the sidewalk.


I liked cracker jacks because you got to eat them + also get a prize as I called it. Big deal - little plastic stamped out piece - not to be played with, but put in my ‘drawer’ which held a hodge podge of objects and treasures, including an unopened pack of Lucky Strike non filters… A gift from touring the tobacco company, where I saw incredibly long cigarettes come out of the machine to be cut in uniform cigarette length smokes.


I’ve looked out that window all my life.


Sad story…


Yeah, I used to work in a cigarette company. I used to take home 8 foot long cigarettes just for the hell of it.


A more happier one then?

Most of the time you could find me and my best friend (who still is my best friend and more and more like a sister to me) playing house in the hallway in the apartment complex we used to live in. We’d divide the stair case, she get the first floor landing since her apartment was on the first floor, and the first row of stairs going up, then half of the middle and I’d get the other half, the second row or stairs and the upper landing. Usually we’d divide the house up each step was its own room/floor, and we’d usually meet each other in the middle if we wanted to come over to the other’s house. She would usually be married to Michael Jackson and I would be married to this kid I had a huge crush on in my school…had a crush on him until the 7th grade…until then whenever we played house and he was “my husband” he’d be some kind of fire-fighter or policeman…I guess I always pictured him a hero until he became a huge jerk in real life…

We spent many hours of our lives in that hallway playing house together…


the biggest thing I remember growing up was the Oklahoma food indigenous to Oklahoma. Grandma’s chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, green beans, beets, and corn. she either made that every other day and when it wasn’t chicken fried steak it was fried chicken. with all the sides. Love that food still…I forgot to mention all the cream gravy smothering the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. I used to beg Grandma to make lemon cake. she used a special sugar frosting with lemon zest in it…delicious !!


We had to move while i was in middle school, i think it was middle school. So when i entered my geometry class i was behind about six weeks in material and they said i had to catch up. They gave me one or two weeks to learn all of it.

So i memorized the entire damn thing and almost aced the test.

It was massively unfair actually and wrong to do to me. But it worked out and i passed with flying colors.

Why would they make me learn all of that in such a short period of time? Horrible teaching on their part.


Sounds fun. It’s good when kids make up their own game/play.


I played hockey for awhile. And there was a shootout at the end of a game.

They picked me to be the final shooter.

All was tied up.

So i moronically skated toward the goal not really paying any attention to what i was doing and without even looking where i was shooting i just flung the puck randomly toward the net.

It was the perfect shot and went in. The goalie couldn’t do anything about it. It was the perfect shot, perfect placement and speed.

I still have no idea how it happened. I wasn’t even looking at the goal.


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I used to eat raw carrots to be like superman.


One of my favorite reoccurring memories is Junior swim team. (ages 6 to 10) We had summer practice out at the big 50 yard pool out on the beach. (Colman pool) it was build in the 20’s. It’s all deco. It’s salt water too. This pool was like different world compared to all the indoor pools I’ve been in.

Our practice would be 8a.m. to 9 a.m. and I used to love it. Getting there early, walking through the big park, playing on the beach while the grumpy lifeguards put all the lane lines in, set up the deck chairs, got the equipment out.

the steam off the pool in first thing in the morning as they pulled the pool covers off.

Then afterwards, going to Huskey Deli for a sandwich. It seemed like all the guys on the team went there after practice. The family who owns the deli are just really nice and sometimes when no one was looking, the son who worked in the deli would give us an extra scoop of ice cream on the cones.

I have fond memories of swim team days. The pools, the friends, the summer days, the swimming.


@pansdisease that reminds me of the time our coach couldn’t make the away game of soccer and we rode up there in a van drinking a lot of everclear and punch. I got super wasted and made this play where I got the ball and I was going upfield when I was rushed by the opposite team. I kicked the ball between the player’s open legs, did a body cart wheel, and kept on running past the opposite team towards the goal…as I reached the goal my really talented team mate shouted for me to kick him the ball, and I tried to take the glory of scoring a goal and missed. My team mate was pissed. After the game an older man came up and asked if he could shake my hand…funny stuff…thanks for the memory.


I remember being 2 and going to Disney World. I looked up Minnie Mouse’s skirt. LOL.


During the 7th grade we were moving cities and I had harbored the secret crush on this guy since the first grade, every fiber in my being said to keep it quiet, then on the last day of school I left him a written note on how I felt about him to see how he would react, and his girlfriend (who I didn’t know he was dating at the time) came up to me and was like “You stole my boyfriend!” I shrugged it off and at first smiled to myself, but then a few minutes later heard the him and his friends laughing. (And this was long before the famous scene in Romy and Michelle’s High school reunion when Romy asks the guy she likes to dance and the mean girl comes up with that little speech she gives…) It hurt me so bad, I’m still scared to this day, and it is why I rarely open up to people, because I’m afraid of being laughed at and mocked like I was back in middle school. And I’ve never told anyone this story because it’s too painful to remember.

Back at the time I told myself how if I didn’t say anything I’d always wonder what would happen between us if I never said anything to him. Now I spend my days wishing I’d kept my mouth shut, and listened to the instincts I had growing up to keep it a secret for 7 years…