Woulf you let install a microchip in your brain to replace APs?

I would definitely so, imagine no worsened negatives from meds and also no drowsiness…

I would not have brain surgery or back surgery unless it meant my life.


Nope, I wouldn’t. That’s a dangerous operation.

I would do it without thinking it twice of course if i can be assured they dont have access to my thoughts.

no i wouldn’t for sure…

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No. A microchip in my brain?! Absolutely not! I can’t even imagine the paranoia that comes with that! I don’t think it’s work for me because I’d constantly be worried about being recorded and followed and having my mind controlled via the chip. No way! That’s not for me lol


Yes I would if it cures my severe negative symptoms but I dont think that’s possible. I just dont see how deep brain stimulation will reduce dopamine function. I think its chemical. Then again even if it reduces dopamine that means bad negative symptoms for me.

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If it were an implant that releases a med to mimic ap meds I would, no more worrying about taking meds or liver or kidney damage
If it was a straight up chip I’d consider it,
That being said I know I would get one and then there would be a recall right after I got it and there would be some horrific side effect the manufacturer didn’t disclose just like pharmaceutical companies do with meds

same… exactly the same.

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I don’t like brain surgery.

yes i would indeed!!!

Isn’t this what Elon Musk is trying to do?


Would a little cartoon paper clip appear in your mind if you were trying to write a letter?

I wouldn’t. Surgery is pretty risky.

I don’t think a microchip in the brain could ever replace Ap’s. That being said, if it could prevent positives and negatives then yes I would.

I’m actually not sure.
It would depend on who controls the microchip.

If it were a neutral company, then I might consider it.

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Im playing cyberpunk 2077 right now on ps4. There was one readable so far on cyberpsychosis and the game has themes of hallucinations caused by microchips in the brain.

Im ok on the meds im on now. A microchip in the brain would be overkill for me. Maybe I would be open to an implant somewhere in my body that releases aps. Im on 75mg now so that would be over a year of doses in one gram of medicine in an implant.

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Funny how the people who want them got to choose…no. Not now, not ever. Not even if it gives me magical 5 dimensional perceptions and I could immerse in an AI artificial video game world…Im hoping that humans surive the next few billion years before This galaxy and andromeda galaxy collide/become an ellipse or disc galaxy. which would be awesome, of course by then we may need chips/because silicon or hybrids that or if we become light-beings because the sun will be too hot for humans to survive for awhile…this is all fact.

Elon Musk? would you trust him?

Im sure it would. Just zap us at the right times and we do whatever they want.