Possible cure with neuralink

Could neuralink stop all our bad symptoms? https://neuralink.com/

I really don’t understand why everyone wants out of psychosis. Sure, it’s not always pleasant, but it’s my experience, and I’d rather learn how to cope with it. I’ll take psychosis over medication and brain chips any day.

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I am excited for the new treatment

I posted about it long time ago but it triggered ppl as it confirms their delusions of mind reading and telepathy etc

And chip implants delusions.

No thanks. I’ve driven a couple of Teslas and am aware of how shoddy some of Musk’s tech is. Not letting him play around inside my head.


I’m not a futurist, so I’m not excited about neuralink. I take meds because I was out of control and they were threatening me with the forensic ward of the hospital and a life permanently in contact with community health teams. I woudn’t take meds if I didn’t have to. I definitely wouldn’t undergo surgery.

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I am worried that this technology will be improved to interface humans with the EDEN machine which will be built in around 100 years. The elites will then be Gods since they can control this machine and impose their will on the masses, literally shaping every aspect of their reality. I think this mind interface tech will usher in unfathomable tyranny.

Maybe ppl will be able to hack it and take control of our brains.


I don’t understand how a microchip computer in my brain can fix my brain.

It’s very difficult to comprehend tbh.

You all are already chipped. You use mobile phones all the time. We are all cyborgs. The chipset will make the data flow faster. Rather than just typing data input and reading with your fingers and eyes on a mobile screen

I’m really excited about the future of technology. But not particularly excited about this.

Star Trek explores brain chips a little. Will be become like the Bynars or like the Borg or something else?

I think the brain chips will fuse us with AI and people will network themselves together creating cyborg collectives all competing against each other. There is a high chance for a real dystopia to emerge.

One promise of this tech is to help with insomnia, that sounds good if they can pull it toff.

I’m celebrating 40 years of having pacemakers. I’ve been chipped for quite some time. Not as exciting as it sounds.

I have no idea why people think highly advanced AI needs any human brains at all. That whole idea is silly. We will be replaced, not appropriated. And I look forward to it.

All Neurolink does is correct mis firing electrical signals in the brain

It is not capable of mind control

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I’m not an expert on this tech but if that is all it does, how is it supposed to cure anything except epilepsy and maybe some very specific forms of bipolar disorder? That’s basically what anti-epileptic drugs already do.

Not an expert I’m afraid but I watched the presentation by Musk when they were demonstrating the tech on pigs

Well I don’t Musk is a very credible source when it comes to tech, to be honest.

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His bank balance disagrees with you