What do you think about neuralink?

Elon Musk said it may cure schizophrenia also it will have some awesome feautures like you can listen to music in your head. What do you guys think would you chip yourselves?

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I’ve never heard of it before

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I guess some people will go crazy with conspiracy theories and neuralink.


It all reminds me of something I wrote back in the MySpace days.

My friend at the time said it reminded him of a ‘reverse Matrix’.

I described a scenario where you could choose to opt in or opt out, however those who opt in would thrive better (for one thing) and what it meant to be human would change.

To be honest I’m bothered by it. BUT Elon seems to be one of the most positive people there is.

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Maybe ‘my ideas’ are not the cats meow.

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I wouldnt let them install anything willingly.

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I would do this only if the medical people would prove it would prolong or enhance my life more than before.

I don’t understand how you can hear music in your brain. Doesn’t require going through your senses?

I guess people who hear voices prove it can happen.

I still have issues taking medication.

I would let other people try it out first. After the first million or so successful implants, I will consider this enhancement too.

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Imagine if the neuralink has a malfunction or something, no thanks. I’d rather have real life hover boards and light sabers than a chip in my head.

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