Would you risk it all to do a little bit of weed

Phil does a puff on his pipe

then he came after me trying to blow the smoke into my mouth

I thought he was trying to kiss me!

not even a chance I want to take, but I have my moments.


i have 4 years ago when i was off meds, used to smoke every day before sz than stopped smoking asap when i got psychosis, thought it would be a good idea to try it again a few weeks later even tho i was still in psychosis and not even on meds, very bad idea i ended up having a horrible panic attack and my hallucinations got so loud and vivid i was shaking like crazy and i felt like i was in an alternate dimension on pcp or something, probably one of the worse experiences off my life


As a rule of thumb, I wouldn’t recommend anyone with psychosis be involved with it, but people react differently to it.


Makes me paranoid and psychotic.
I wouldn’t recommend it, but everyone reacts different.


Makes my heart race, no thanks.


Tried it a couple times when I was younger…hello Matrix type paranoia. Never again.


I had one breath from a joint soon after becoming ill. I got real scared. Never again. No drugs for me and not more than 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol once in a long while. I might even quit that.


No. As I struggled into psychosis I was responding badly to weed. Never again and it’s not a worry for me. That was years ago!


I use it for pain and anxiety CBD is better

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Non-THC CBD right? I need to ask because there is clearly a distinction.

I don’t know what my life would have been had I never smoked marijuana because I did and let me tell you it ruined my life. It’s not worth it! Never again!


I agree ;never again.

I have tried drugs.

I was sick before I tried drugs though but they might have made things worse not better.

Drugs can be very scary stuff and do so much damage.

I think they can do so much good too as medication.
The very same drug can be so different depending on if it is made as a legal medication or a street drug.

I believe in drugs when made professionally into medication but not in illegal drug use as such.

I believe in amphetamines and marijuana as medication can do good because they say it does good but it is very controlled and made differently.

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I used to smoke alot of weed, for about 2 years. Constant wake and bakes, night caps, edibles etc. I often wonder if that’s what triggered my schizophrenia, doubtful though. I was already experiencing the primordial schizo phase of it for about 3 years, and abusing substances mustve been a side effect.

I do still have some left over pot in my little weed jar, but i might just give it away soon. For me it’s alcohol that i crave sometimes.

If i did any weed now, i’d probably go deep into psychosis. No thanks haha


I’m not quite sure what you mean by this:

What is the “primordial schizo phase?”

Also, are you suggesting that substance abuse is a symptom of schizophernia?

Again, I’m just trying to get understanding here.


I just started doing and saying things that were so out of character for me. One of the things was abusing substances, for me anyways.

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Thanks for the link. I read it, and it had information I was unaware of, so thanks again.

However, I do want to say that people who are not schizophernic or have schizophernia, still abuse substances, so I’m not sure saying substance abuse as a symptom is a valid statement.

Some people just want to get high and escape for a little bit. It’s the same for people who want to get drunk.

For me, without a doubt, cannabis played a huge role in my development of schizophernia, or perhaps development of psychosis.

One of the things I’m trying to better understand is the identity of someone living with schizophernia. For example, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and later schizophernia, which is schizoaffective disorder.

Before I smoked marijuana, I was neither one of those (BPD, SZ). Had I not smoked weed I probably wouldn’t have developed schizophernia.

Today, I am fine. I am what you may call “stable.” I’m not hallucinating. I have zero delusions, and I’m not paranoid.

Am I still schizophernic?

Some would say, “Yes.” Once a schizo, always a schizo.

Others would say, “No.” The symptoms are gone, and you are no longer experiencing psychosis; therefore, you’re not a schizo.

Do you understand where I am coming from? Am I making sense?

What do you say?


I tried weed twice in my life. It didn’t do anything for me. But I probably wasn’t doing it right which is a blessing imho.


Ever since getting psychosis I’ve become more prudent in some respects so no I would not do weed. I’d be stressing thinking about what consequences may be


No I would not. Weed would put me in the hospital and the poor house.


Sorry but did you know you spelled schizophrenia wrong?