Weed, hash, canniabis

i smoked from the age of 14 to 19, and i had my first psychoses at 19, i also started on e when i was 16, i learnt my lesson from psychosis that them drugs are not for me, have you tryed any?

I smoked weed heavily during my first year of university. My dr said this may have triggered my first psychosis. Apart from that, I’ve tried cocaine (no effect on me) and Salvia (horrible bad trip on this.)
Weed doesn’t agree with me at all, it makes my paranoia much worse.

I used drugs pretty heavily during my teen years. I quit when I was 17 and started college. But the damage was done.

Towards the end of my marijuana use, I started developing severe paranoia. And it never went away. Even after a few years of being sober. My first episode of psychosis started a few years later.

There’s a great deal of research that supports the theory that cannabis triggers schiz spectrum psychoses. Many other drugs, especially stimulants, can cause psychotic symptoms.

So I’ve learned to avoid them. I don’t even drink alcohol. Because I want to be as clear-minded as possible.

Sobriety and a clear mind are more fun than any drug can give!




I tend to agree with you @radmedtech. I’m going to try and stay sober for a few weeks more to see if it will aid my recovery. I’m already so dulled down on meds, that I don’t want to add to that further.

I smoked weed from when I was 17 to when I was 21. I had already experienced some minor psychotic symptoms prior to that, but I quit when they hit hard. I don’t know if the pot made me have my first legitimate break, but I know after then, smoking would ramp up my paranoia and hallucinations like crazy, so I couldn’t do it any more. I don’t miss it, it was a nasty habit and I’m glad I left it behind.

i did hash ,coke, alcohol , anything, but weirdly none of it had an effect on me , the hash only mildly , but i seem to be an anomaly when it comes to life compared to everyone else !
take care
p.s i started sz in childhood way before i ever did drugs, because i was definitely not doing cones when i was 5 years old .also i found it was hard to light the bong !

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I’ve only done alcohol and morphine. I’ve quit both in 2010.

I smoked pot daily starting when I was in 11th grade. Before school, during school, and after school. I also took LSD, but not that often because it was hard to find. Hash, hash oils, whites, mushrooms. Tried opium once…And mescaline once. It was all fun until I got sick at age 19, then it was never fun again. I later got addicted to crack and did a lot of powder too.Tried heroin, shared a needle with a couple addicts, I had to get tested for HIV, the wait for results was frightening, I thought I was going to die.This was in the mid-eighties when there were virtually no drugs to combat AIDS. Back then once you got HIV, you got AIDS and died a slow agonizing death. Anyway, I got clean in 1990 and I have not touched alcohol or any drugs since.


I was over the top hyper when I was a kid. When I much younger, I was sure pot was calming me down. But as I got older, I just got worse and worse. It took me a very long time to make the connection between waves of out of control paranoia and pot use. I started smoking when I was about 15.

My drug use did not trigger my SZ. I had signs of mental illness when I was a little kid. I don’t think it triggered my grand melt down episode when I was 17 either because I really do feel that pot or no pot; that was just how it was going to play out.
When I was 14 my kid sis and I were in a house fire and that was my PTSD era. I was put on something (don’t remember what it was) to calm me down, but I hated it so to counter it, I started with the amphetamines. Alcohol started when I was so very young as a way to combat my hyperactivity. I actually liked the feeling of slowing down… too bad I was almost passed out by the time I felt calm. XTC and LSD was my favorite way to play. Those were hard to give up.

"Schizophrenia Risk Factors

Strong Factor

  1. family history of schizophrenia
  2. substance use:
    Relates to an increased incidence of psychosis and psychotic decompensation. [25] [26] Drug use is very common in affected patients. [27] Although drugs such as methamphetamines and other stimulants are more likely to exacerbate psychosis, all substances pose a risk. For example, heavy marijuana use may increase both the vulnerability to schizophrenia and the likelihood of developing the disorder. [28] [29] [30]"

Epocrates Online, 2013


Marijuana for 1997-2003 (sz onset 1998) (Between 1-2 gms a day for periods)
Alcohol 1994-2003
Heroin (tried twice, not injected though, vomited green stuff - never again)
Speed (Used several times, never did anything, was probably dextrose or some sugary compound)
E’s (Only ever had half a pill, made me feel really hot, like I was burning up - never again)

Never done coke, ice, meth, crack, shrooms, acid, etc.

The marijuana use probably did exacerbate the onset of sz.
But then again with MI in family history it probably would of sidetracked me somewhere down the line…

Fun times, scary times, poor times, good memories and bad ones too…

Hi Darksith Those child proof lighters were a pain, When you tried to light your bong.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


by six i was way more sophisticated i’d sit there on my throne of skulls, smoking my camel cigarettes, with my minions around me, big ted , little ted and basil brush !
sitting there in my black smoking jacket emblazoned with my initials ’ D.S ’ . my initials were in red to signify the blood of my enemies’, the children at my kindergarden , who i had battled over the right to play with the wooden train set , those were good days !

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I have smoked pot on rare occasions over the years…we’re talking like once every three years or so. The last time, it sent me into a manic episode from hell, so I haven’t tried it again. I’m not big on drugs or booze, but I do smoke cigs all the time.

My onset was similar. I had weed paranoia that became permanent, so to speak.

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I never could stand the smell of weed. Just a faint whiff of it gives me a fat headache.

I tried it for the first time in my fresher year at university. I would smoke any I could get my hands on after about a year of dabbling and it affected my studies. I used to hate that feeling of when I scored some that I was going on a “mind vacation” for a week or so until it was all used up. I still enjoyed smoking it though for a good few years despite the anxiety it was ramping up in me. After uni I could sometimes get some at the weekends when I was in a job but by then it had all changed (I had changed?). Instead of the hash that I liked you could only get skunk. I had one or two psychotic episodes that were probably triggered by it and I promised my parents I wouldn’t smoke it again. I haven’t touched it since. The smell of skunk makes me feel mildly sick although weed or hash I still like the smell of. I’m ambiguous about what it does to people.

I guess I’m gonna’ look like Willie Nelson here but I did acid, downers, uppers, and mariuana when in high school. Also did “shrooms”, the cleanest way to trip. Anyways, I quit the hard stuff back after high school but weed has stuck with me and I prefer it to alcohol and so much better for myself. Weed eases my panic disorder and gives me relief from back pain. I am not paranoid on it like I was in high school. I never transport and I have an ideal way of getting it now. (undisclosed) So I am never in danger of getting caught with it.

Haven’t smoked pot in ages, and when i did it wasn’t very much.

I had a bad habit of having deep realizations about my mortality on that stuff, it wasn’t fun. I have these realizations sometimes but it’s worse on weed, it goes to deep on that stuff.

One night i can remember being on it and realizing what it would be like to have my throat slowly eaten away by cancer, i freaked out a bit. It’s like it had already happened it was so real, the realization of it was just so real.

I smoked pot everyday from age 17 to 20. On and off from 20 to 23. My psychotic symptoms kicked in at age 20 so I had at least 6 hospitalizations from 20-23. I couldn’t resist smoking pot but nowadays I have good control over it. I also had an adderall addiction for a year. I still drink. Smoked cigs for years now. I also have messed with shrooms when I was a freshman in college. Coke has no effect on me. Last drug I did was an e-pill which was around a month ago. It was kinda scary. I do have a medicinal card through so I can get CBD oils. I’m not too certain about the effects on it. It’s supposed to lessen psychotic symptoms. I still only take it from time to time.

Weed makes me think wayyyy to much. Voices increase and etc. Just can’t mess with it anymore