Tried smoking weed last night

And I ended up in the ER having to get an injection of Ativan. I still don’t feel right today but they let me out last night.

Stay far away from weed if you’re schizophrenic. It’s not worth it. I was having very bad delusions and hallucinations.


That’s sucks bro. Sad story yeah drugs are no good.

Even though I smoked a fair amount of it, I never really enjoyed the high of marijuana. It made me think and feel things I didn’t want to think and feel. It’s not pleasant for me. Alcohol is my drug of choice, God help me.

Yeah, pot is nothing but trouble for most schizophrenics. I really hope you learned your lesson well. If you smoke pot again, most likely you will get the same results–maybe even worse. What if you smoked pot again and you were far away from an ER room? Or what would have happened if you freaked out and you didn’t have a way to get the ER? So save yourself the trouble and quit that stuff for good.

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don’t do drugs…
i don’t drink
i don’t do drugs
i don’t do anything that is going to over stimulate the mind…
sz minds already go 125kmh .
if you want to screw yourself up…go right ahead…
if you want to get better…you need to look after yourself.
take care


Aw that bites. :frowning:

I can’t wait to start up again! My probation ends February 3rd. I find the drug to open alternative channels of consciousness and what have you. But for a lot of people with mental illness it makes them freak out :frowning: And that’s too bad, because it’s so much better than drinking (I guess that’s an opinion).

Hope you’re feeling better!

You’re not alone. Most people with schizophrenia or bipolar have bad reactions to it. It caused me problems, though minor, over time it is bad. I’m cleaning out my life now. I can’t even describe how much misery I feel over wasting my time with this drug. It didn’t help at all, I only thought it did.

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I’ve heard lots of people saying smoking weed made them more delusional. I believe these words. Weed is harmful especially for us schizophrenic.

A friend of mine suggested I try pot, and after doing so I became parallelized.

I fell over on my side on the couch and then said " sit me up… sit me up John."just barely able to talk.

It scared the living daylights out of me. I could not move.

I don’t buy weed anymore but if someone comes over say a friend once in a while and offers it to me. I smoke it. Otherwise I’m usually free of any vice except coffee and Kool Aid. haha

you probably had it laced with a chemical @INTROBC I’ve never heard of anybody getting a reaction like that from weed.

Well he just experienced the usual reaction. Things were norm for him.

weird…I guess some people really get bent on it? I don’t know. I’m sorry you had that experience. that would be scary I think.

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Thank you my friend. A lot of folk jump to wrongful conclusions. You are not of that limitation.

Thank you very very much.

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I try to stay away from addicting things because addiction tends to run in my family, never smoked weed before, tried smoking regular cigarettes once, but hated it figured weed would be about the same…if not worse because I know weed tends to increase hallucinations (that’s why it was heavily popular in the 60’s/70’s I think especially among people like musician’s…they felt more creative while high…at least that was my opinion I wasn’t around for the 60’s/70’s to know first hand)


Summer of last year… I was very stupid and tried just a little pot… just to prove to myself it wasn’t that bad…

I nearly ended back up in hospital. It’s so much more trouble then it’s worth.

It made me more paranoid and more delusional… It took a long time for me to get out of it.

I hope you feel better soon.

it triggers psychosis…its bad news…a cursed drug


Yes I believe addiction runs in my family or any family.
Alcohol as a choice at home, never driving is one choice.

I tried marijuana young before my first break, but I do believe it will make psychosis worse and I’m scared of the loss of control of your mind. I tried to warn my son, don’t touch it because you may have a piece of my illness. Well darn it if weed didn’t give him a full psychotic break and police problems and hospital.

Cigarettes will kill you and are highly addictive. I was able to help my son by getting him a buildable vape and now he’s down to 0 nicotine but still needs that puff puff action.

so pick your poison, all bad

Pot is bad news for schizophrenics -it’s the THC that triggers or inflames the psychosis.
I am waiting for the CBD meds to come out - no weed for me

stay away from drugs…its bad news, very bad news.