Would you rather work at a job with being a laborer and an office job

I don’t know about this one. What do you think? You have to chose one. You can list the pros and cons. Sorry, I don’t feel like listing the pros and cons. I’m very stressed out.

I’ve only ever worked laborer jobs except some retail in the bookshop! I loved the bookshop but not sure I’d do well in an office.


Before getting diagnosed with sz I liked laborer jobs but my energy is a little lower on medication and I like office jobs more. I just met someone on clozapine who is trying to be a contractor. I did a lot of work on my house and it was fun.

I’ve done both and I’d rather be a laborer.

If I had the opportunity, I’d work from a home office.


My last few jobs were in an office. I prefer that.

I started out as a chef and would drop everything to be able to do it again. Maybe. The pay sucks, but I sure loved it. The labour component is why I can’t go back: Can’t hack it with damage to back and joints.

Truck driving was also fun and something I wouldn’t mind doing more of. Love being able to work on my own.

Currently working from home as an insurance broker. It’s okay. Not in love with the job, but take pride in my ability to do it well. My employer is happy with me.

I always liked working outdoors or indoor jobs that take muscle. Never had an office job, really don’t know of one I could do.


  1. Since you are likely to be taking antipsychotics it helps keep the weight down.
  2. When you keep the weight down you stay more mobile and better looking.
  3. If you get hurt you are screwed
  4. You usually get paid less
  5. You are more likely to get exposed to the weather
    Office Job:
  6. You won’t be as exposed to the weather
  7. You are less likely to get hurt
  8. You’ll usually meet more educated people
  9. You’ll probably gain more weight
  10. You probably won’t look or feel as good

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