How to improve my chance of success?

I have applied for some jobs in the government. One of them is a positon in the post office. It involves counter service, mail sorting and accounting/handling of cash. It is the easier job out of what I have applied for. I think i might be able to work in it. But I would not be working as good as a normal person.

I think I better work in an easy job. I sometimes ponder if it would be easier if i try to get a cleaning job. My mom objects to that. She thinks I’m well educated and should work in an office. I’m not good at physical task. I just think maybe it would be simpler to work in cleaning. Idk. I can work in clerical assistant but there is not much opening.

I am also facing the same dilemma. Flexible working hours or part time job, low stress level, quiet working place are all attributes of job suitable for us, according to information from another forum.
Tell you, Goggles, I have worked as Storekeeper and Janitor but only for a month or less because I am also a well educated person and have weak physical strength.
Keep finding, and hope you will eventually find it!

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I think having work that isn’t hard on your body is better than manual labor. For some. I’m a student but I workout like I play a sport. I am just inclined to exercise to feel normal. It’s healthy in moderation, say 1 hour of exercise a day, like today, a 35 minute jog and then 30 minutes of calisthenics. I need to be active to be myself. When I am on my working schedule, like yesterday and today, I study, either reading or writing for most of the day.

I once worked moving furniture from a truck in a store, a horrible minimum wage job, and it taught me about poverty and I decided to take my scholarship to college seriously to avoid that life. Well I am one semester away from my degree and I have all the honors optional stuff with my bachelors. Waiting to hear back from grad schools.

Unless you want to be active as part of your job, go for the post office. I mean some people find labor to be satisfying and not too hard, but keep in mind that medicated schizophrenia patients aren’t known for being happy with exhausting physical activity. With some exceptions- but that is usually the case- it’s usually not best for people on large doses of tranquilizers. I get blurry vision when I run, for example. Don’t know why, but I didn’t before meds. It clears when I finish the run. Odd!


I have got blurry vision when I walk. I am lacking in physical strength.

It’s a side effect of our meds- I just don’t know why it comes out when we walk or run. Probably increased metabolism means meds spike in our blood and make side effects. I don’t know. I ask my friend who is a neuroscientist, he didn’t know either, and he is an elite student, I mean one hell of a brain in that guy. It was when we were running together the other morning, actually.

Voices sometimes stop if you take govt job where you cannot be used to screw up people, do not follow orders and don’t talk to self. You may find some men who are messing up female coworkers, sex harassments, hostile work situation. Would NEVER get close enough to male coworker to EVER think he could get a date as this is how you get ruined…Handle all sex harassment by the book, record it if you can as this ruins schizos if you leave it go. Work on education desired for whatever job you want & enjoy ability to move up, bennies, retirement…Dang, want heaven back then when did not hear it but school district was screwing employees and eventually boss did not want me after my nervous & coworker decided he was going to screw me next…I did not get unemployment either…Males were being screwed too…If you see a coworker screwing people, would try to move as far away from him in organization as I could as some govt literally let a sex predator run office & have his pick of females. I don’t go out with coworkers except if whole group goes for an event, I always attend these and holiday party stuff…Small group stuff can get female screwed…Got ruined so I’m a spazzz about some things after catching second dose of crazy & having to deal with more predators while self supporting & cops don’t care.Can happen – I worked in event center & boss was letting NA/AA people try to ruin employees to make slaves & ended up hearing more mental abusers from the induced psychosis the drug users get…VERY DIFFICULT TO GET AWAY, MY MEDICARE CANCELS NEXT YEAR AND REALLY WILL BE TESTED ON GETTING SSDI. I’m screwed…Appreciate this opportunity to be okay, it is best thing offered. Even military do not get respect, would myself shoot for low end office that doesn’t serve customers, transcription, file clerk thing, data entry for best options.

No one in office EVER discusses crazy stuff, NEVER WORRY ALOUD or talk about mental care/diagnosis. If you get a sarcastic female worker you may have found someone who will screw you up so watch out. Rest is just watch the male employees to see if you are working with disaster maker, bust butt and see if you can maneuver around him without EVER acknowledging something is kinda wrong here (unless he does sexual harassment BUST HIM).

If you need to quit because you cannot handle job, YOU HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU FROM SPECIFIED MEDICAL PROBLEM AND DO QUIT WITHIN FIRST 6 MONTHS ON JOB. Then call social security administration back and ask to reinstate your check.

NEVER MAKE ANY POLICE REPORTS UNLESS PLACE HAS BEEN BURGLARY-MOVED OUT. Anything else could get you in trouble at work if you complain about stalkers, vandals, thieves. Can move to suburb to get away from any pests left from psychosis days…Can find this in office too, do not bring in wallet if things are bad and keep housekeys in pockets. SADLY DOES HAPPEN. The nutty coworker troubles may mess with your personal stuff, is really bad sign.

PREPLAN FOR INSOMNIA. Would highly recommend you have seroquel (keeps for years) or ambien around in case you get insomnia case, usually caused by spending time around something wrong there off work. Social situation you just tried has something wrong going down…Or work is wrong somehow, plan ahead so you have the meds as insomnia will happen eventually.

Some places I’ve worked haze workers like initiation thing, especially if you work blue collar or factory. Expect to be messed with a little and never answer back or get angry.

Working almost any job is good for you. It gets you out of the house and it gets you money. The cleaning job may be easier but no job is easy.

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