My opinion, the best jobs are the ones where you don't see a clock

personally, i like to work outside seasonally. i always hated the jobs where a clock was in front of me, and time stood still, yet i check the clock every 2 minutes haha.

have to get back in shape, if im to do any landscaping or work at a golf course i think. but i probably will not work unless i have to.

when you’re outside all day, you can just glance at the sun and guess the time of day.

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Having worked pretty hard manual labor doing 12+ hour days 6 days a week, I promise you we are all looking at our watches starting at about Thursday. The people who didn’t have a clock near them were horribly annoying asking what time it was every fifteen minutes. Those kind of hours doing manual labor tear your body down. I saw the lifers in that line of work, and decided it was best to keep my back and knees functional.

With that being said, landscaping is a wonderful career and it’s a good way to stay fit. I just strongly advise not working 60 plus hours a week, but I recommend that for any job, outside or in an office. You dont have to avoid working outside, just do what you can to limit extreme hours and do a lot of mobility excersises such as yoga or a dedicated stretching time.


I worked in the foodindustrie and time is crucial to meet the daily production sheet. We done lots of mission impossible.:grinning:

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Ya, do something you enjoy. I like mathematics. I used to tutor it, but wasn’t that serious or good about it – this was before my illness.

I don’t really look at the clock anymore, but I don’t really work either. I don’t work manual labor that much or long hours or days yet. I also would hate warehouse jobs and customer service/retail. I hate people now – sort of.It’s all fake anyways. I faked and scripted my conversations most of my life. I think it was undiagnosed autism. Now, I just feel like saying what’s true and on my mind and how it is and how I feel.


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