Would you go to your 20 year high school reunion?

It’ll be about that time next year, for me.

My best friend is already pressuring me to go.

She made me go to our 10 year and I made a total ass of myself.

It was a nightmare.

I still cringe thinking about it.

But anyway,

Do you have any interest in your high school friends?

Would you go to a reunion?


ha, I may or may not have been arm wrestling at one of mine,
I was pretty buff at the time.

I don’t think I’ll go, they know where to find me, I’ve huge online presence.


Personally I would be too embarrassed about my weight gain to go. When I was on Facebook I made a point of not posting pictures

But my sister tagged me in one of her photos and I was Unfriended by like 6 people


I didn’t go to our 30 years of age reunion. I was living in another country and didn’t fancy it.

Fck no.



Highschool was meaningless why revisit it?


i wouldn’t go myself… i’m terrified of going outside and especially to a place with all kinds of peoples.

Oh my no, I’ve nothing to prove to those people, don’t reminisce the times, hardly knew them. I was awkward, I was sick, hadn’t really come out with my sexuality.

It wasn’t a good time in my life.

Homeschool and taking care of my grandmother for years. Breaks with reality and the wrong kind of drugs.

Let them remember me however they want, I’m happier now, and confident with it. No need to be showy.

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That’s exactly what it is,

It’s like a contest to see who’s done best.

My friend wants to go to show off that she’s a doctor now (a Nurse Practitioner, so sort of a doctor).

But she always drags me along to everything,

Just like high school.

At our ten year, I had just had the baby a few months prior and had fliffs of xanex and pain pills.

So I took them all and went.

Then drank.

I remember bits and pieces of it.

Definitely did some regrettable stuff.

We’ll see what happens, I have another year to think about it.

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I’m trying to put my dodgy past behind me, not re-live it, so I wouldn’t go to something like that.


Sounds like something I would have done too.

Think it over. It’ll come to you.

That’s horrible.

I’m sorry that happened.

People shouldn’t be judgey because I’d say about 80% of people had gained weight at my ten year.


I actually heard about my 10th and 20th reunions because they contacted my mom who still had the same phone number. I didn’t go because everyone had finished college except me.

No. I wouldn’t go, because I was bullied by the other people in school and high school.

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No. I didn’t lose any thing there I want to find


I would not bcoz a whole lot has changed for me and to some extent it’s meaningless

I probably wouldn’t go, but really there is no point. I’ve linked up with a lot of my high school friends on Facebook after not seeing them for 20 years.

Plus I haven’t accomplished anything in my life, too embarrassing to go.

I was banned from prom, I doubt I’d get an invitation to a reunion.

Would be awkward to see all the people who used to bully me relentlessly

To be honest, hard pass.

My life has only got better since leaving high school, and that’s even factoring in SZ


I went to the worst high school in my city, I dont want to remember that. Maybe if it was college or university but they have to offer me free food and it has to be close by lol

I actually had an enjoyable high school experience, as my symptoms didn’t start til college. But even so, there’s no way I could face my old high school friends and acquaintances nowadays. My crippling social anxiety and awkwardness would be unbearable.

If I could manage having relationships, friendly or romantic, I would go. I just can’t imagine having to explain how I’ve been the last 10 years. Would be a nightmare.

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