Big High School Reunion

I’m up for my fiftieth high school reunion.

I saw a friend was coming to reunion, and she wrote a bio. In her bio she said she had a second house near where I live. I wrote her an E-mail, but she didn’t respond. I feel like crap.



I’m sorry to hear that @Jayster. But at least take some comfort in being invited. I’ve never been invited to my high school or college reunions.


I’m never going to a reunion. In fact I hope at their 50th high school reunion I hope the water pipes break and flood the meeting hall and wrecks all those chumps night. I can think of nastier stuff that is not too terrible but I don’t want to waste my time.


please don’t feel like crap @Jayster. she is missing out on getting to know you again.

I don’t plan on going to any of my high school reunions. I don’t need to be reminded that high school was hell for me. I figure the only people who will go are the preps and jocks, the popular kids.


I hope you feel better soon @Jayster.

I have zero interest in high school reunions. High school was a terrible time for me, had no friends for most of it, unless you count the work friends with whom I never hung out. I never got an invitation to my 10 year reunion, wouldn’t have gone anyway; my 20 year reunion will be next year, but I wouldn’t go to that one either. As @cbbrown said, I’m sure it will be mostly the more popular kids, and I certainly was no part of that clique.


@Jayster, maybe she is just apprehensive and waiting to see you in person? Could be she has a jealous husband at home preventing her from answering too, you never know.

I swore I’d never attend any of my high school reunions, if only because I still live in my same hometown I grew up in, and I don’t care to look anyone up at anytime, so why would I pay to see them again?
It’s my 35th year class reunion this year, and they can have all the fun they want, I’ll be happy staying home.

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Hey don’t feel bad I didn’t even get invited to my high school reunion. Not that I would go I guess.

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