High school reunion

I am emberised to go to my high

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I didn’t go to mine.
The people I wanted to see from my highschool, I’m already talking to. I don’t feel a need to see the others.
Plus, I felt a tad bit embarassed too, I mean, when we’re in high-school we fantasize about coming back and showing the bullies we’re rich and famous while they’re cleaning toilets.
That didn’t work out for me. I have still not gotten a useful education, I don’t feel like I have any success to boast.

Ya I did not even feel like posting that tried to delete it but could not I really don’t care just up late from drinking coffee looking for something to talk about

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If I was to be invited to one I would decline it and say no thank you.


This would be my nightmare.

I only had about 4 friends in high school, knew a lot of people but most that I would care about hearing from as an update I already have on Facebook. And Il be living in Germany sometime this year and I’m not gunna fly out just to see strangers and I doubt my 4 friends will come as they now live far away. Wait it’s only 3 as the other were in a grade below me. And I doubt they’ll fly down here to Alabama just for a reunion. They’re people like me who aren’t very social and don’t care much for social gatherings lol.

I have no desire to go to reunion either. Your not alone think more people feel that way than not.

I haven’t been invited to a high school reunion. Just as well, I live in California, USA now and high school was in Maryland, USA. I don’t need to fly that far to see people that never liked me. I don’t know anyone that was a good friend there. The people that were my friends at that time were in different schools or different grades. So, no thanks for me. I already turned down a junior high school reunion for similar reasons. I don’t even know why they bothered to invite me.

I turned down my invite for my 35th year high school reunion last year.
I always said I wouldn’t even consider going unless it was at least the 50th year reunion- if I’m still alive that is.

I didn’t go to my 10 year reunion. A few years a go I was admitted to a hospital for a kidney infection. One of the nurses there I went to high school with. She read my chart and talked to me for a while seemed genuinely interested tried to get me a job at the hospital cleaning toilets but I never applied.

Some of my friends on Facebook know I’m mentally ill. Most dont

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what’s wrong with cleaning toilets? its a totally legitimate way to make money! no reason to be elitist.

I didn’t say it to be mean.
I just meant that the people who acted like they were supposed to become more successful and glamorous that me wound up with shitty jobs, pun intended.
I don’t have anything against people who clean toilets. But let’s face it, the pay isn’t great and it doesn’t take much education, so them acting like they would go far in life was wrong.

Does it make sense or am I just digging my own grave even deeper here?

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I didn’t go to mine.

I have half a dozen friends I’m still in touch with 30 years later.

Those fools I went to school with I don’t even remember them. I didn’t go because I had no desire to find out what they were doing. Only like 7 of my class made it to university. I was one even though I failed miserably!


I wouldn’t bother. I only like one person I went to schoold with who would go and she probs wouldn’t go.

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