High school reunion... yea or nay?

My 20 year high school reunion is approaching and I am starting to contemplate if I should go. I missed the 10 year reunion due to being out of the country.

Question is… for those who have gone, was it a good experience? Was it anxiety ridden or were you able to keep it together seeing those familiar faces? High school was a breeze for me as I played sports and got good marks, but I’m a bit hesitant to see my peers today only because I haven’t made a life for myself- no family or career to speak of. Not to mention the awful anxiety I feel around others. Did you go, and if so, was it enjoyable?

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I have been invited to many things like that. May sound petty but I am too embarrassed to go due to my massive weight gain.

It would have been pointless for me to go to my 20 year high school religion. High school was a bad dream to me, and I’ve had little success in life.

sorry to hear that jimbob. perhaps for your next reunion you can plan a weight loss routine. I know most sz folk have trouble with overeating and amotivation… maybe plan a routine to lose weight in the time leading up to the event. easier said than done of course, but it is something I plan to do. I have six months to drop 30 lbs, completely doable.

@crimby: that doesn’t have to be the case. what if you just connected with one person, I think it would be worth it. personally I’m not trying to go outside my own comfort or limits but what if I come away reconnecting with a couple people. it seems well worth the chance. I apologize if this is all too insensitive, I just think we as people with sz should do things that are out of our comfort zone- full immersion as my therapist calls it.

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Mine was so boring.

Most people were very nice, but did not remember me or just did enough to say hi. There were seven people there I really enjoyed talking to and reconnecting with. That’s alot, I think.

I left early. And of course didn’t maintain the connections. Still, some okay moments.

I did not go. I guess I didn’t really like most of my classmates to begin with and quite frankly I’m embarrassed of my life. It’s hard to compare to a doctor who has a great family, when you are on disability and live by yourself. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy for them, but I would just feel to self conscious.

I was invisible in high school. No one would remember me if I went to a reunion except a couple of people.
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I did a few cool things while I was there but the majority of the time I flew under the radar.

I’m having second thoughts about attending. Did anyone have a positive high school experience? Maybe I’ll just go and play it by ear… but from the sound of it most of you have no interest in seeing old classmates. And Nick, I have no intention of keeping my enemies closer, they can stay as far the heck away from me as possible.

I doubt anyone even remembers me, and if they did they would just make fun of me again for my weight just like in high school. I ran into a girl who was a popular cheerleader from high school when I was in the hospital for a kidney infection. She remembered me but didn’t recognize my partner. she asked how I was doing so I told her about getting sick she probably read about it in my chart. She tried to get me a part time job at the hospital.

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Never had a desire to go to any reunions because, to be honest, mostly no one cared about me and the feeling was mutual. Meet my future wife in high school tho, that’s the one bright beacon from that time

my high school experience was rough but tolerable. I was always fighting with people, but I had some friends, including Sam, who I dated until she died five years ago…

I went to my 5 year reunion at 23…it was not fun. Everyone kept asking me how I felt about her death, and no one thought to think about the good times they all just kept reminding me about her…

But I got to see people who had treated me like dirt realize how bad off they were. One of them, a guy who I fought with constantly because he would pick on my special needs brother, his dream of going pro in the NFL was over because he couldn get into college with his pathetic scores, so now hes a mill worker with six kids and on his third wife. So it was worth it in the end I guess…

If my graduating class had a reunion, I wasn’t notified of it, and that’s okay by me. I graduated high school through an alternative school (I got the schooling there, the high school whose district I was in issued the diploma), so I know of only one person from that school. She wasn’t in my graduating class, so I just say to hell with it all. For me to go would be utterly pointless - I know of NOBODY from that class. One less thing for me to worry about.