Would you ever eat a snake?

Since I watched some indigenous Indonesians cooking frogs it now keeps coming up on my fb feed. Now I watched they are cooking snakes. Looks pretty nice to be honest. Would you eat frogs or snakes. (I would try)


No way.

I’m considering becoming a vegan again. Well ovo vegetarian

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I watched a YouTube clip. They were eating live maggots. A delicasy somewhere in Asia.

I tried frog legs and they were gross.

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I might try a good, meaty snake, like a western diamondback, just to see if I liked it. Some of the smaller snakes, like a coral snake, I wouldn’t bother with. I know that the poison in snakes’ mouths does not pass into your blood stream, but if you had a sore or a cut inside your mouth the poison might be dangerous to you.

I’ve always heard that snakes taste like chicken.


Then wahts the pointing of eating a snake if you could just have chicken? :stuck_out_tongue:


It probably depends substantially on variety of the snake.

I’ve had rattler I think it was…someone killed and cooked it…it was pretty much like chicken. haha

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My family likes frog legs and alligator on a stick. Not me but they eat it lol

I did too. They tasted like swamp water, and these were store bought, canned frog legs.

I’ve had garlic snails in Greece and they taste nice. You get a little pick to get them out their shells.

true story…my grandpa and my dad filled up a truckbed with frogs they gigged. we ate frog legs for like a year…haha

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Because it’s cool to brag that you ate a snake.

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What? My poultry consumption isn’t enough to impress you?

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The people eating snakes in Indonesian looked like they had to really pull with their teeth to get the meat off. So maybe not like chicken?

Only if that poultry is lethal.

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They also eat goats heads. wrapped around snake and some other meat I couldn’t tell.

I’m feeling hungry so would defiantly try it.