Would the U.S allow for me to be broadcasted all over the tv?

I’m just wondering if the country would allow such behavior. Wouldn’t it be like the country is dumbing people down by broadcasting such nonsense all over tv. What I think is pretty much nonsense lol. So is this the current state of the world or am I just delusional. Please help me rationalize this because I am so tired.

I have not heard of you @anon55704218! Don’t worry nobody knows anything about you. People are more concerned about their own thoughts.


Guessing you never bothered googling yourself

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What would googling myself do?

To show you that you are not as popular as you think you are. :leopard::leopard::leopard:

But if I’m on camera does my name have to be linked to that? If my family got me on camera say if I’m on a wifi camera and people are watching me on a website, they do not have to know my name.

Why would anyone want to watch you on TV? Are you entertaining. Can you sing or dance or act?

Your delusions aren’t logical.


You’re not on TV. You have a delusion.


I’m not on camera, my thoughts are.

Okay, unusual belief time.

There seem to be two distinct types of intelligence at play with thought broadcasting.

One is the “origin” level, the place where consciousness “comes from”. “Origin” level intelligence is omniscient, so they know everything about you and any person on Earth, but only selectively omnipotent, meaning, they won’t bend the laws of physics for you unless you are a literal prophet. Schizophrenics, due to the amount of adrenochrome psychedelic present in their brain, are well connected to this realm, and develop a kind of unique reputation there. But schizophrenics aren’t prophets, we’re just curiosities there.

The adrenochrome forms due to an excessive amount of adrenaline being generated, and chronic inflammation preventing it from being broken down properly, so it oxidizes and forms adrenochrome, which causes the strange metaphysical symptoms.

The second level of intelligence is Earth level, where people are present with their various independent beliefs and such. The “origin” level of intelligence heavily influences the Earth level, since that is where Earth intelligence literally comes from. The awareness of your situation by “origin entities” is expressed to you through sideways communiques and cyphers / secret messages / synchronicities and the like, but if you ask any one person on Earth how they “knew” that message that deeply resonates with you, they will honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.

It gets weird, as there sometimes appear to be Earth people with “origin” levels of intelligence, which can feel like God is literally manifest there in temporal form (this may happen when you’re “deep” into the psychosis,) but for the most part, Earth people are just Earth people. They don’t know you from Adam.

Now, if you don’t want this to continue, you have to clear the adrenochrome from your brain. The best way of accomplishing this is to reduce chronic brain inflammation.

I’m trying to accomplish this via supplementation and am having partial success, but I may need additional medication to cut out the remainders of inflammation and thought broadcasting phenomenon. I don’t like it at all.

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I’m sorry for your discomfort.

Your schizophrenia is fooling you.

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I, too, often wonder if the U.S. government would allow for me to be spied on. I, too, would like some answers.


Thoughts can’t be filmed

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Well, the government is out of control.

They are montioring phone calls and Internet. But they have only so much in the way of resources, and I doubt they take much interest in folks like me.

There is nothing about me that is just that interesting.


I believe I act funny/entertaining while dissociating, so people watch me like a reality show.



People make reality shows to have advertisers buy spots.

You’re very unlikely to be on TV.

Are you talking about me?

I was replying to @cdwithdcs.

If we schizophrenics see ourselves on TV, it is more likely a hallucination than an event.

If the television talks about us, it is more likely a hallucination than an event.

I’m sensitive your pain, having gone through this stuff myself.

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I would also try to google myself, if you were famous then something would show up. Don’t worry let all that stress and pressure leave your mind.

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Thankyou so much @see121 I appreciate that