Are they talking about me on tv?

Hi you guys I’m back. I really believe that there is a hidden microphone in my ear and the whole world is listening to my thoughts. They are broadcasting everything on tv and the radio. My name is Candice Baxter can anyone tell me the truth? Are they talking about me on tv?

No, they are not…


Nearly took the words right out of my mouth hah.

@anon21836947 No they are not. It is a delusion.


Are you experiencing this too?

I’ve had those thoughts.
They aren’t real.

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No, I did have a similar delusion years ago. I thought people on television were talking to me.

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I believe the tv is talking about me and everybody is watching me across the country

I also believe that because of my thoughts some people are trying to harm me and my children

Is it possible for the whole world to watch my thoughts on their phones?

Nope. It is another delusion.

no they cannot see your thoughts. i cant hear your thoughts at all.

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It’s just not possible.

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No, not real. If they were [talking about us] we’d be getting paid right?

No its in your head. Check your meds. I actually had the feeling of being quite important - that i was special enough when i had that delusion. Its quite an old one i had when i wasnt on meds. No the tv isnt talking to you.

Look up ideas/ frames of reference. It’s a symptom of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Street drugs like meth and speed can mimic that too.

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