How likely is it that the world is broadcasting me?

I’m having suicidal thoughts now. I’m being taunted everyday. I’m trying to stay strong. What if I dont have this illness, is it possible that the world would broadcast me? How likely is this?

Not likely are all. :wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower:


I wonder if this is a common delusion.

Extremely common. It really is called Ideas of Reference and you need help with meds. I once [pleasured myself] to the tune of a news anchor(in my long history of travails) and separately while in psychosis, I thought the whole news program was suppressing smiles/and laughter with the likes of me - because at that time I thought I was even more famous than them.

What can I say; I have problems. Lol. (Trying to help you though.)

Oh wow. Well I actually hear people talking about me.

I actually hear lots of voices and I don’t believe everything they say.

We have schizophrenia, it’s the illness.

You need to tell your doctor about these symptoms and stop obsessing over these thoughts.

Avoid the TV.

Distract yourself.


I agree that positive distractions would be helpful for you, @anon52450205

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How likely is it that the world is broadcasting me?

Have to keep telling yourself you just not important enough or entertaining enough for anyone to spend millions to broadcast whatever it is you do in a day


Its 100% a delusion. Try to keep your mental energy focused elsewhere.

No study ever done has ever in the world ever shown psychic powers, our military has tried and failed. You didn’t get them because of being schizophrenic.

I’ve experienced a delusion so I know that’s not good enough, so just be aware that you shouldn’t give a crap about what people think about you, and even if they could hear your thoughts they’d probably just be like slightly inconvenienced and that’s full on knowing that it doesn’t happen.

People can see facial tells, they can see you staring at them, but they can’t read your mind.

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Thankyou guys 151515

I hope I’m not on tv too. Sorry Girl I know this is a constant worry for you.

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I hope that my thoughts will be private and not read by people around me. They talk to me when I awake. I just want peace.

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Love this. It helped me just now.


I’m afraid that my thoughts are being broadcasted over tv.

And that the world is watching my thoughts.

All of us on this website are part of the world…and we’ve never heard of you before.

I would hope you would trust all of us here that we are telling the truth.

You have an affliction which makes you believe you have become some sort of giant spectacle. I had this delusion as well on many occasions.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that none of what you are going through is real.


The world is definitely not broadcasting you. Always consider this: “What interest would they have in me?”. Consider the fact you are not famous, have lived a relatively ordinary life, maybe you need to have a focus in life to take away the feelings of depression. How old are you out of interest? I used to believe that there were people “out to get me” all the time, it never resulted in anything. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruit.


I’m 28 and I’m afraid for my life. I’m being broadcasted all over tv.

About as likely as they are broadcasting me. Which means the chances are zero.

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Thankyou. What I’m experiencing is very scary.