It's hard to believe I was being broadcasted over tv

I’m still battling with this delusion that the tv was really broadcasting my thoughts over tv. It has been going on for nearly 3 years, and before then, everywhere I went everyone knew who I was and taunted to me. Everyday of my life for nearly 3 years the tv has been taunting me. Please help me rationalize this because I dont want to believe that this is the state of the world we’re in.

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All you can really do is remember its part of the illness to have delusional thoughts and it seems like that’s one your delusions. It can be really difficult to tell yourself something isn’t true when it felt so real but if I were you Id try and rationalise it. Ask yourself some questions:

-If telepathy was real why would we be paying for mobile phones and sitting posting on internet forums when we could communicate telepathically?
-What technology was used to tap into your thoughts and how was it received by others? Can you find an example of this technology?
-If this kind of technology were real then wouldn’t the government have audio recordings of all possible crimes at all times?
-Wouldn’t all passwords be available to everyone and thus no one would be safe as everyone would have access to other people’s accounts?

Dunno if the above is helpful but thats the only way I got through my delusions. Questioning how it would be possible and really thinking about what would have to happen in order for it to be true and which was more believable - that this impossible thing happened or that I believed it happened but was mistaken(?).



Unless your name is Covid 19…I can assure you that no one is talking about you on television. :wink:


I guess being mistaken is more believable than the impossible happening.

Ok but before the virus, was my thoughts being broadcasted over tv, and was the tv replying to my thoughts?

Stop watching the goddamned TV!

I know it’s hard, but you’re just fueling your delusions watching TV all the time.

It’s all just a delusion, Shweethaut!

I thought the TV Show Jeopardy! was mocking me…that all of the clues and categories were related to me.

You’re not the only one who shares this affliction. At the end of the day, you and I just aren’t important enough for millions of people to waste their time, money and energy on.


I’m not the only person in my household. They watch tv as well, and whenever I walk pass the tv it’s mocking me.

It sounds like you need to make some adjustments then.

Wear headphones and don’t look at the TV when you pass it.

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I hope this is true. And if I am being talked about can you just tell me the truth? I’m afraid everyone is trying to keep me in the dark.

It’s not just the tv though. There are people who taunts me everywhere I go. Its really hard to believe this is a delusion.

Do you see a therapist?

Are you on medication?

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You have ‘Delusions of reference’ and ‘Delusions of persecution’. This seems clear cut to me.

I’m on Abilify Injections every 3 weeks for the EXACT same thing!

What meds are you currently taking? Abilify has been a godsend for me.

I take medication and I start therapy next week.


I take zyprexa… it’s not good for my insight into this illness. I believe everything is real.

Ask your doctor about Abilify.

We share a very similar delusion and Abilify has kept me on the up and up. I’m able to work and enjoy a good life because of this medication.

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Ok will do. 151515

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Have you been on medication for long @anon55704218 ?
I hope you find the therapy useful. I know it did me wonders.
I think there is part of you that can see that what you are describing was a delusion. Definitely tell your Pdoc about it that its still bothering you when you can. But its good that you can at least identify that it is a delusion even if you are battling with it.

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Symptoms seem very real, the mind is powerful. The best way to break the symptoms off is not to give them credit, stop believing it was real.

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When I was psychotic, I thought that the coach of soccer team of Spain was my dad because he looked like him.