Worried about kids

My partner wants children, I honestly think I shouldn’t be around kids. I’m scared I wont be able to handle it. My partner said she will give me 5 years.

What makes you think you shouldn’t?

Stress is my worse enemy, I get overwhelmed so easily.

I wouldn’t let her put a five year impending rule make you afraid. I wouldn’t want children at my age now, but I missed out not having kids. I had a step son once but that’s gone now too. Kids are worth it I think, but I sure wouldn’t want the responsibility either like you say.

The fact that you would question if you should be around kids probably means you’d be a better parent than a lot of people today. There are a lot of poor parents out there.

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Every parent is afraid they won’t be able to handle the responsibility. The real question is, do you want kids? I used to think I could never have kids because of my sz, and it is still a very scary thought, but ultimately, it is something I really want to do. And my fiancé will be there to help me because we’re a team. Your partner will be there for you too. But do you even want to be a parent?