Do you have children

I do not have any although I donated sperm in America almost nine years from 1990 to 1999. Basically, the former US woman used birth control pills and I suppose she did not like to have children although she had perfect financial resources to do so. I have always been just a poor man, but I understand that children are needed to continue the genetic world. Well, so what? Maybe I should donate my sperm to the sperm bank. LOL :smiley:

No kids, i think it should be illegal for people and animals to reproduce, because who wants to suffer through this and then die a horrible death anyway?

I saw one woman online say she wasn’t going to have kids because it wasn’t fun, she could party more and have more money without kids, true, but i think the main reason not to have kids is because you don’t want them to live in a diseased warring genocidal natural disastery poverty stricken hell hole and then die a horrible death.

I don’t think life is constantly horrible for EVERYBODY.

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Maybe for a short time some have it somewhat okay, but it’s only for a short time and then they rot if they are not killed.

The best you can have it here is having the few things you need and then rotting and whithering painfully into nothing, thats what people call a good life, it’s not good at all though.

Even our brains rot, i mean damn, our brains are rotting like fruit! C’mon!

Sure, no more kids should be born and we should all commit suicide.

Nah, no need to kill ourselves, we’ll be dead soon enough so why do that, but why force more into this if it is not needed?

Not very nice to put words in other’s mouths is it?

I wasn’t guilty of putting words in your mouth. It was sarcasm.

It don’t matter no way no how.

But if we all end up begging someone to kill us because of the ceaseless agony in our rotted bodies, and thats only if you are “lucky” enough to not get taken out by something else, why put more here if need not be?

Because people have visions of making the world a better place for their children. The rich and succesful bring children into the world knowing that child will grow up with everything he needs, sometimes for the rest of that child’s life. In these cases the children can make this own choices. I’m not denying suffering and misery. It’s just a matter of degree. And I would say that some parents have children for selfish reasons. Which is not entirely bad.

Most parents hope their kids grow up and make the world a better place.

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I have a teenage son. Without him my life would be miserable. He is my best buddy. We are going to take a clay course together this summer. He normally doesn’t like to do artwork but I talked him into it. I said even if he just wants to mash the clay and play with it that would be fine. I told him even if he can’t make anything nice makes ugly horrible things, that’s fine too, it will be fun. I said you could even make ugly things on purpose. He got all excited and now he wants to go. He says he is going to make a bald frowning guy. Lol. I am going to make a cup with a stick man that pees. You need to find the joy in life. Children are a blessing.


don’t matter no way no how.

One beautiful little toddler… With an attitude.


Yes, definitely, children are a blessing. I have a son who just graduated from college. He is now independent. The whole process of raising him up was full of fun, meaning and fulfillment. Now every piece of message from him including his emails is for me the source of joy. The idea of to be a good parent gives me strength to fight against my mental illness as well as the side effects…



Not yet, but my husband and I want to try for one or two…


No, no kids for me now, but if I get married I surely will try for one or two. :couple:

i am a child and i have a space ship…does that count !!
take care

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I only have a 4 legged furry daughter…(the kitty in my profile). She is all I really need, I’m not a very big fan of kids. I don’t hate them, I’m just not comfortable around them.

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Then I have half a dozen kids in my house too, 4 males, 2 females…and they are better than kids in my opinion (well, my kids IF I had any bi-pedal gait ones) because animals are more loyal.

I like kids, but I don’t want them. I don’t think I could care for them properly now. I’d also be worried that they’d develop schizophrenia too, which would probably make me very anxious most of the time I would be with them.