I never had any children

My mother wasn’t worth repeating.

Well, you can always tune in to the Brady Bunch and live vicariously. Just kidding.

at least you never had a house full of plastic to stub your toe on LOL

I never had any children either. I haven’t regretted it either, only because when you love something(someone) too much, others can take it away from you and or make you miserable by torturing them.

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I once wanted kids, but it didn’t work out. That let me out of one heck of a lot of responsibility. When I think about the things me and my friends did when we were kids, I think I would be scared to death if I had kids, because I know they would be doing some of the same things. Not having kids let me out of a lot of worrying.

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I don’t really plan on having kids. Don’t think I could handle the responsibility. I mean id force myself to be a good parent but financially it’s just not really an option. If I get back in to school and make it through and get a good job. Maybe by the time I’m 35 or 40.

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I never considered having kids. Maybe vaguely I thought about having a kid to be like me. But it doesn’t work that way. I didn’t like playing with dolls when I was little. I asked for stuffed animals instead, but didn’t get them.

I decided back in the seventies not to pass on my genes. I have no kids that I know of.

I also never wanted kids. I think the responsibilty is so much. I think the anxiety to cope with kids would also be to much for me. And then there is sz. I don’t want someone from my own offspring suffering this illness. My worst concern ever was to have a child and then to loose him/her because of some horrible accident or something.

Have never wanted to have kids but I really do like being an uncle!