World travels!

I don’t often post on here anymore, but I do like to share encouraging things when they happen.

The last time I world traveled in 2018 I wasn’t on the right med for me and I was close to psychosis in Indonesia. I was delusional, hallucinating and even worse my fiancee (now husband!) was severely ill with food poisoning so I had to take care of him around the clock. He had to be rushed to the hospital and it was scary. I did enjoy the culture a lot when I wasn’t having issues, at least until I got food poisoning myself!

This time in Dubai has been amazing. Only a few times hallucinating, which have gone away after naps. And even when I was out of it, my husband was there trying to take care of me. Also, no delusions for years now on Vraylar. I’ve been able to enjoy a lot of fun things like the world’s biggest waterpark, an escape room, and even went to the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. I’m going to be spending my wedding anniversary in a nice hotel and getting my hair done.

I’m not writing to brag, just to say that it is possible to still live a fun and good life even with schizophrenia. I was terrified of coming out here because it seemed stressful. But I’ve faced a lot of things that were scary to me like socializing, buying things on my own and plummeting down on scary rides at the waterpark (don’t laugh! They were very very tall!). And I’m glad I faced these things. Despite having had a rough situation last time I tried world traveling again. Being on a different medication is helpful but so is willingness to try new things. I have made friends and memories here and am so glad I didn’t hold myself back of fear.


This is a great thing you have done! Glad you’re not letting this dx get in the way and still trying to lead a normal life

Pretty inspirational to a lot of people!


Sounds wonderful. I was last overseas in 2019. Went to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France. I loved France in particular. Hopefully i can travel overseas again some day. Thanks for your post. Very inspirational.

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