Can you travel the world?

I know that most of us are seriously ill
Some r functioning and some r not
I consider myself functioning becoz i have job and have income
But it isnot enough to go around the world
My salary is all about 100$ /month
Anyone has idea
I know i should travel to america or austra
But here in egypt i feel good
Should i take risk to achieve my dream to go around the world ?
Or should i practise gratitude and being grateful and grateful to…to…?
Can you travel to world ?
Thank you

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Probably will want travel medical insurance in case you get a panic attack.

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Think it through. Don’t rush into anything. Talk to people about it. Find out what you need to know like what naturallycured said. Talk to mental health people. They can research things to help you if you decide to go.


I have traveled all by myself across the world while being psychotic .

It was pretty horrid.

I also wore summer clothes when everyone else was weRing winter jackets …
There was snow at Vienna airport and doors were open.

I asked a flight attendant if I could use the blanket from the plain because I was wearing a singlet …

I said I would return it to the desk of the airline when. I got my bag.

She said no.

A man sitting opposite me stole the blanket and gave it to me when we got off the plane.

So sweet .

He wanted a date but I wS too psychotic.

I managed to speak a little.

Other times I can not talk.

I have traveled by myself.

Moments of excitement and heavenly shower that I paid to have at Singapore airport which is the best airport I have ever been in .
They even have foot massage machine for free.

So thoughtful and onciderate and beautiful gardens and air.

I can not always travel by myself but have done so as psychotic few times.

Traveling can be so exciting and fun but it ain’t fun being psychotic…

I could not even enjoy swimming with dolphins when psychotic …
I suffered .

Did not feel like dolphins to me… lol

I was an so ugly on the dolphin picture that was taken and my stunning sister beside me looked perfect as did the dolphin lol


Travelling is one of the most stressful things a schizophrenic can do in my opinion.


Yeah I travelled locally this past summer.
I went to the beach with my family.
Even for a short trip I was stressed out a bit.

I agree with @everhopeful.
Traveling is very stressful for us Schizophrenics.


My mom bought me a ticket to go home to Florida at Christmas this year but I was too psychotic to travel through 3 different airports…anyway, she bought trip cancellation/interruption insurance with the ticket, but when I filed with them so she’d get her money back they said mental/emotional problems weren’t covered, so she lost $850! Be very careful who you book your travel plans through wherever you go.

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Can confirm travel as stressful. I got worse on the rides to and from school over the break and stayed extra bad for a month after.

خلاص متشكرين
Enough for me
Thank you
Thanks everybody

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I live in tbe U.S. Some years ago I flew from the west coast to the east coast. Several times. I don’t remember it being that bad. I flew with my dad and my step-mom. The plane ride didn’t bother me at all. We visited a lot of tourist destinations and Civil War battlefields and other Civil War related things. I must admit it got a little boring sometimes but I’m glad I did it.

Got some good memories out of it, some souvenirs and my married step-sister who lives in W. Virginia where we stayed, got drunk and I was sleeping on the couch and I woke up late, late at night to find her laying full length on top of me, face to face wearing nothing but a t-shirt. (she’s my age, back then I was 33 or 34.). Being my stupid honorable self I tried to wake her up at first so she could get off me and go back to her bedroom. But eons of genes and evolution and training caught up with me so after trying for a minute to unsuccessfully wake her I thought, “What the hell? Why not?”, So I rolled her onto the carpet to seal the deal but she woke up and said, “Oh my god! What am I doing?” And she fled back up upstairs to her bedroom. Oh well. This has nothing to do with traveling but I’ll use any excuse just to tell this story.

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Traveling is not too bad for me either. I went to China last year and had a good time. I plan on traveling somewhere by myself too if I manage to keep my next job and make money. It really is rewarding when you make it through a day of sightseeing and family gatherings. I totally understand it is hard for some of you, but I personally try not to let this illness keep me from experiencing life.

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I’ve travelled a lot. I don’t want to do much more traveling because airports stress me out too much. Especially the big, international airports. Way too much stress for me.

I am in California working. Went to Phoenix last weekend to see my son. Drove there. I fly back home to Louisiana on Friday. Only have an hour layover in Dallas so no time to go have a smoke and get back through security. That’s about all my travels except for going to see my sister in Atlanta earlier this year.

Before I got sick I traveled around the world. Been to many countries. Particularly fond of Asia

I have travelled a lot, both with my family and alone. Traveling alone is incredibly stressful, and I couldn’t fully enjoy the trips traveling with family was much more fun. I’ve been to Belgium, Amsterdam, England, Italy, Canada, Aruba, and Jamaica.

If you travel to America, be careful. The hospitals will charge you thousands of dollars for a stay.

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I think travel is great, my sister competes with her friends I think to travel. My family is well travelled, she is currently in Taiwan doing a teaching job. My little brother is visiting relatives in London over spring break, my cousin was recently studying abroad in manchester. I consider these people as a standard I aspire to, before sz I used to travel independently more. Now I’m sort of like the loser of the family who doesn’t do anything. But if I were healthy I would likely be getting out more often.

Don’t travel to a country just to be a tourist. That is shameful. If just looking at people and doing little activities was enough to satisfy your wanderlust, then you really have low standards for a thrill. Maybe consider going somewhere and actually doing something meaningful, whatever that may be. Like joining the peace corps or something of that nature.

wow, the cost of living in Egypt must not be high. Here in big cities of China the average salary is around 1500 US dollars per month.

I can travel on my own but I am not energetic enough to get up early for seeing the sunrise at sea.

I have never wanted to travel the world. I have watched the travel channel and read national geographic when curious. I’m an armchair traveler. Rather sit in my seat eating popcorn to explore the world.

That’s nice you get to travel. Scheiss aus Leben.

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Travelling overseas isn’t allowed for people on disability in my country so even if I want to, I can’t. But even if I was allowed, I don’t think I would, at least for now(due to fatigue)

I like local or domestic travelling. It gives me enough excitement and joy. Travelling with someone else is stressful to me but I think travelling alone isn’t that stressful so am planning some local trips atm.

Socializing is absolutely the most stressful thing for me. Travelling itself isn’t, esp. if I travel alone.

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Aren’t you from Japan? I will need your advice. One of my first goals once I make money is to travel to Japan. I watch a lot of anime and some of them make me want to visit Japan. I think when the weather is ok, like 70 degrees? Maybe see the cherry blossoms? I definitely want to stay at a monastery and visit some national monuments. Idk I heard they are mean to Chinese ppl tho.

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