Any travel plans?

Do you have any travel plans? I’m plannig on going couchsurfing to Mid Wales from Monday to Thursda. Then South Wales from Thursday till Sunday. Then Bristol in a squat from Monday to Thursday. In two years time when I get off meds I’m going to go travelling to Asia for 6 months. Can’t wait. Anyone else have travel plans?


I look forward to traveling once I get my meds straightened out- I’m coming off invega which rendered my conversational abilities useless and it practically made me a nervous agoraphobe. I’m a lot better now but it’s still gunna be a couple months until I feel normal again without that zombie effect looming over me. Can’t wait tho, I’ve always loved traveling.

Have fun!

Thanks Calculat3d. I hope getting off meds works for you. How long will it take you to get off meds?

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Dude it’s been the worst experience of my life- worse than even developing sz which was still so bad… no one tells u when u start a shot how long it takes to clear from ur system if u happen to develop any side effects. My last shot was in October of 2017, it’s been 7 month and I only feel maybe 50% better! Be careful if u ever go on em, I think I have about 4 more months to go. Thanks for asking.

Where else have u traveled before? I’d love to visit London, so far I’ve only gone to France, Spain, and italy

It’s going to take me two years to be whenned off drugs. Was your psychosis drug induced? What happened? I’ve been to India and Morocco before.

I want to visit Asia, I want to explore Bangkok, unwind at Bali Indonesia, and see the hidden beauty of Puerto Prinsesa Underground River in Palawan.

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I plan on visiting a prayer retreat center in September in my home state out in the countryside. Staying for about a week and a half. For some R and R. I’m looking forward.


@Lowri yea my psychosis was drug induced bc I was taking my adderall and smoking weed on it. Basically I wasn’t sleeping or eating and stuff and then I just started hearing stuff and it just sucks dealing with the aftermath. I don’t have any negatives really, the lack of emotion and motivation is bc the old med. and as for positives I maybe hear my name being said occasionally now but yea. I did do a fair share of drugs in college tho, I think dmt is what tipped me over the edge from being at risk to being prodromal for a few years. But I’m not gunna be off ap’s Completely, I’m switching to latuda 20mg once the invega is our of my system. Wbu? Was ur situation similar?

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I was taking acid and smoking Afkhan weed when I had my first one Then I was just smoking weed another three times. My psychosis lasted a few weeks each time. Dellusions and hearing stuff. I felt very demotivated and withdrawn after my first psychosis but feel a lot better now.

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On July 8 going with parents to Southern Ireland for ten days
Want to visit Italy for the first time at some point


No travel plans, I did enough traveling when I was young, 20 years ago around at this time I was in Costa Rica, it was fun, but no more traveling, I spent a lot of money in traveling when I was young.

My husband and I would like to go to Canada

I’ve yet to see Miami fl, new Orleans, la. san Francisco, ca and Detroit Michigan.

nothing too special, but that would complete my tour of all the major cities in the united states. my favorite cities are boston, seattle, Washington dc, and I like Nashville for the music and size. I’m guessing I will also like new Orleans and san Francisco for the culture and architecture but haven’t been there yet.

I think i’ll check one off my list this summer, probably new Orleans.

also I forgot much of texas. I’ve never been to Austin or Houston or san Antonio. I’ve seen dallas multiple times. probably ill check it out in the winter.

I am going on a 4 day cruise from Miami, FL to Cuba, with my mother, next week. I am only spending one day in Cuba.

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Going on holiday in July to Somerset. So excited :grin:

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