Worktime is bright time

In the shop I’m an assistant to our chef, who is also the manager. We work together on everything. He is the guy who solve every problems for me, and he do it so efficiently. I’m his hands and his eyes and his ears. I receive every guests and provide the first line of service. I think for him too. It is good to have team work. We back up each other. There are times I can think for him and answer his questions in mind. It is as if he could find some support from me too. It is the happy time we get together and think. We talk briefly and get everything done. I manage to follow the fast pace. It’s the kitchen. He’s in charge. But I’m good at assisting.

When the shop is not busy, I like to watch them baking and cooking. I have no ideas many products in the shop are homemade at the beginning.
I just feel amazing they can make everything with their hands. My chef gave me a biscuit or a box drink when he have got one. He made me something to eat when i feel down. He is our big bro. He says he could let me bake something later on when I’m less busy.


I’ve been with my job part time for three years. I have the best boss who compliments me and tells me i do a good job all the time. Sometimes it’s the one bright spot in my life so work time is my bright time too. :slight_smile:



I am so glad to hear that you have this support in your life and you have someone who will be patient with you and recognize your talent. I hope you will soon be able to take a few more hours and get more money.

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I work as a gardner. I’m out in the field a lot… Well, I’m out in the parks a lot. I really love the job. It’s very serene. I don’t have a lot of human interaction but I’m not isolated either, and as long as I get my work orders finished, all is well.

It helps me appreciate all the seasons. Soon, in the dead of winter… the seed catalogues will be coming in. Plans will be made, gardens will be woken up, trees will be planted soon and gardens will be pruned, fed, and soon it will all be in bloom.


Idk why they have never shouted at me when I made mistakes. I sometimes find him yelling f words to his junior. He is less fierce with me.

Maybe they can tell you are trying your best. Maybe you learn things and don’t make the same mistake twice. Or maybe your boss can tell that any mistake you might make would come from not knowing and not come from cutting corners or being lazy.

I’m glad they don’t yell at you. When I make an honest mistake of truly not knowing, my boss is very good to me. If I’m getting lazy and I make a mistake my boss will call me on it.

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I would love to be a gardener too :wink:

It must be very fulfilling to see the seeds bloom in your own care. Really serene to see the work of nature, I believe so!

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Maybe u are right! I look sincere. My working attitude is good enough.

I have the feelings that horticulture or gardening suits u quite well. I’m happy for u. You find a career u love. :smile: