For those of u who read and care

I want to say thank you very much. It really means a lot to me. I know it is tough. I seldom have people who pays attention to me and cares about me these days. I dont have someone to talk to. My mom is someone who works more than one full time and we seldom see each other. I don’t know abt the rest of the world, but in the place where I live, people seldom spend time on each other, even if they are wife and husband, father and son. They are just too busy with their lives.

This February is a lot more busy for me. I was working for 3 part times. I get to know my job performance is good. I was talking to a colleague in the shop the other day, who told me I’m a dependable coworker and he look up to me for help if needed. Our manager have quitted the job out of some conflicts with the boss. The guy who takes up the role only got one comment for me. He told me to do less and leave some work for the other people. He told me i just need to say what is needed and they would do it. We cooperate well. My boss somehow told me she relied on me and trusted me. Of course the boss has more to say. But she is letting me work independently more right now. So i am there helping everybody and we help each other. The other boss in the clinic told me I learnt fast and manage the job well. I kept the running of a clinic. He asked me to work for him more often. For the last part time, it was aborted and I don’t need to go to the office anymore. But I know I can work in an office setting. The work is easy and I still feel ok getting together with colleagues in a small room. I began to talk to others just before the job ends.

So, at least I can work and I find working opportunities. Today I was doing something to help myself. I asked my friend to estimate the minimum living cost for me. I was lucky in the past I earn quite a lot compared to my peers eversince I graduate. I never have any problem with cash and I don’t need budgeting. i just have more than enough. we get to the same conclusion. I can live on a full time salary of an assistant level of job, since we own our place. So, this will be my target.

I will contribute to the running of the household this month. I think both mom and I would feel happier, which is important. I have got 3 pay cheques this month. Not a lot but I could contribute half of my earnings to mom. I think it is normal my friends often suggest that I should do a better job. Maybe I can’t answer that question yet. But mom is advising me to keep my employment in the long run. She said this is the only thing helping her. She has a job. Mom said it is likely my siblings won’t get in touch with me anymore. Mom said they are doing the same to her. I can only rely on myself. Mom said it is the same to her. She is all alone. I think this is the first priority to me. Keep the employment. No matter what it is. Do something I can keep working at it.


It seems to me you are doing very well for someone with sz. Helping your mom out with expenses is a good idea.

Thanks, chordy. Sending u some flowers. :rose::rose::rose: