Good day at work


The boss noticed my effort to improve and acknowledged it. I don’t know what I would do without a sense of humor, it’s saved my ass quite a few times.


Awesome you had a good day! Way rad the boss took notice! You’re hysterical, and it’s wonderful. :slight_smile:


Yeah, life ain’t bad, it gets pretty interesting. And thanks @LouiseG, that cheers me up.

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Yeah good job matey! Nice to get some kudos for a job well done and pat yourself on the back. Well done you!

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Your comments are much appreciated as usual @rogueone.

And yours too @LouiseG
:smile: to both of you.


Way to go! It feels so good to have your hard work acknowledged

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That’s great, sounds like you have a nice job, and enjoy it

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Yeah, it has a bunch of “perks” i.e. good hours, good pay etc.

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