Musing on reality

After working for years and years, I’m pretty much past the “gung ho” stage. I’m a little slowed down and one supervisor likes to say how hard he works and how I get tired easily and that I do easy work. I tell them the same thing every time: I will do whatever you ask or work as long as you ask.

But I am perfectly happy doing my routine and if it gets easy it’s not my fault. And I still have a good attitude towards work. But……….I love getting off early. I love having time off on holidays. I like taking a 5 minute break to rest sometimes during the day. I like standing and talking to the cute women my age.

I’m just not going to be excited any more when they make me work on my days off. I will try to get out of it and I will not volunteer for it. I don’t care anymore if they don’t ask me to work with the heavy machinery anymore. I used to have pride that I was the only one on the crew who they asked to operate buffers, and carpet cleaners and shower cleaners but they don’t ask anymore and I’m fine with that.

I don’t work my ass off every single day like I used to but I stand by what I keep telling them when they comment about how slow I am or how I don’t do machinery anymore: “I will do what ever I am asked.”

It’s that simple and now I can’t help it if I am down to the slowest guys level. I was at the top in certain past jobs, I used to work my ass off for years doing hard work out in the sun for hours on the hottest days of the year or on the coldest day in the rain. I had one speed and that was going full-out every day.

But the laws of physics have finally caught up with me and the body doesn’t always do what I tell it to do. I am not ready to retire or give up but I just have to make adjustments due to my age and figure out new strategies to cope with working.


It sounds like you’re content; you don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. You get the job done, and that’s good enough.


Your threads are always good. I like your candor, hon. You’re quick witted… I don’t see that changing any time soon.


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